Britannia Rules the Waves: Bremont Partners with America’s Cup

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This July, sailing aficionados will gather in Portsmouth in order to witness the opening of the global America’s Cup World Series. One company whose name you’ll certainly see, should you visit the seaside resort, will be Bremont. The British watch manufacturer has announced that they will be acting as the Official Timing Partner for the international sailing contest, the America’s Cup. That’s not all; they will also take a role in sponsoring the defending champions, Oracle Team USA.

Such a partnership is, in itself, a historical milestone, with Bremont’s participation in the event marking the first time that a company has simultaneously sponsored both the event and a team. For those unaware, the America’s Cup is considered the oldest trophy in international sport, with its roots stretching far back to 1851 – Exhibition Year. In that year, an all-new American schooner, appropriately named America, received an invitation from the Royal Yacht Squadron to race around the Isle of Wight during its annual regatta. America, frankly, cleaned up, winning the race with an incredible 18-minute lead. The winning trophy, the ‘£100 mug’, was renamed America’s Cup in honour of the win – and the rest is beautiful, stunning history.

Traditionally, Bremont is most often associated with the aviation industry, but in recent times they have certainly shown an avid interest in maritime endeavours. While the name John Harrison may mean little to some, to Bremont, he’s a legendary hero; an icon of the industry. An English carpenter, Harrison is credited with crafting the world’s very first maritime chronometer in 1761, and in order to pay tribute to his achievement, Bremont created a custom-built B-1 marine clock.

More recently, as fans of Bremont will know, the company honoured possibly Britain’s most famous warship, HMS Victory, and her role in Lord Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. The limited edition Bremont Victory was lovingly made using both copper and wood retrieved from Nelson’s flagship.

As such, Bremont are ideally positioned to take advantage of yet another maritime event – not simply for their commitment to honouring maritime heritage, but also due to their dedication in crafting highly accurate chronometers. That experience will certainly come in handy for the America’s Cup, where time really matters, for the America’s Cup centres around sailing boats crossing the start line on a precise schedule, with a view to completing the race in 25 minutes.

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