Christmas Buyers Guide: Watches for Ladies and Gents

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With the festive season nearly here, now is the time to start thinking about a special Christmas gift for that important person in your life. One of the most personal gifts that will certainly make a lasting impression is a luxury watch. Luxury watches are not just timekeeping instruments – they reflect the owner’s personality, style and taste, making for a superb lifelong investment.

At Banks Lyon, we’ve compiled a selection of watches from world-class brands for both ladies and gents that will make fantastic – and unforgettable – Christmas gifts.

Tissot Watches

Since its inception in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot, a fitter of gold cases, and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot, the Swiss brand has been making history with innovative designs combined with cutting-edge timekeeping technology.

Linking fashion with technology, Tissot produce timepieces that are reliable, luxurious and sophisticated for both ladies and gents. The luxury watchmaker specialises in offering something for everyone, producing analogue and digital watches, traditional and contemporary designs and a wide selection of materials, from fabric to rubber.

Tissot collaborate with numerous sporting events around the world, producing several watches in its T-Sport range, and have become a favourite amongst celebrities and royalty alike – namely the Duchess of Cambridge, Elvis Presley and Grace Kelly – all due to their fashionable watches.

Staying true to their motto of ‘Innovators by Tradition’, the brand has mastered the art of blending comfort and style, combining functionality and exceptional materials to offer the luxury of accessibility to Tissot watch aficionados around the world.



Tissot T-Trend ‘Lovely’ Ladies Watch

This piece is the quintessence of Tissot as a brand. Stylish yet highly functional, the ‘lovely’ model changes seamlessly between roles as a watch and as a beautiful piece of jewellery – a staple for the modern woman who appreciates a simple dynamic watch that is, undoubtedly, beautifully feminine as well.

The charming T-Trend comes with a quartz movement, as well as a stainless-steel bracelet and round case with sapphire crystal, which makes it durable. Small and discrete but gorgeous and trendy, this Tissot watch will make a wonderful Christmas gift for a very special person.

This petite Tissot T-Trend ‘Lovely’ Ladies watch is available for £210 at Banks Lyon.

Tissot ‘Le Locle’ Automatic Lady Watch

Le Locle is the location of Tissot headquarters, nestled in the Swiss Jura Mountains; it’s also the name of an automatic watch family. This model displays exquisite elegance with intricate details and a traditional Le Locle signature, all of which adds to the feel of timelessness Tissot are known for.

The combination of golden Arabic and baton numerals against the white dial offers a beautiful contrast that helps make this piece a watchmaking classic. This Le Locle model also comes with an automatic self-winding movement and a choice of bracelet between stainless steel and PVD.

With a sapphire crystal glass and water resistance of up to 30 metres, there is no denying that this durable and versatile watch is perfect for everyday wear; ideal for a lady who is always on the go and wishes to remain stylish everywhere she goes.

The Tissot Le Locle Automatic Lady watch can be purchased for £495 at Banks Lyon.



Tissot T-Classic Gents Chronograph XL Watch

This is one of the largest quartz chronographs in the T-Classic collection, clocking in at 45mm. The stainless-steel bracelet and round watch case provide a fashionable contrast with the black dial and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  This model is also water-resistant up to 100 meters.

This is a great watch for a man who enjoys making a statement and loves a sporty, yet still elegant and stylish, piece. It’s also a gorgeous watch capable of fitting in with any occasion and of matching any choice of clothing. The Tissot Chronograph XL is truly the embodiment of Swiss technology at its best, at an unbeatable price.

We stock the Tissot T-Classic Gents Chronograph XL watch at Banks Lyon for just £280.

Tissot PRS 516 Powermatic 80 Watch

Tissot have a strong connection to the sporting world, including motorsports, and this model is an exceptional reflection of this heritage. The self-winding automatic movement is housed in a stainless-steel case with sapphire crystal; the transparent caseback allows you to see this movement in action and is a stylish feature, shaped like the steering wheel of a pioneering sports car. The ceramic bezel, black baton dial and racing leather strap; are an excellent finishing touch to a great timepiece.

Integrating innovation in Swiss watchmaking and alluding to the nostalgia of the racetrack with carefully chosen design elements, this Tissot Powermatic watch is ideal for the sporty man who also seeks to wear a piece of history on his wrist.

The Tissot PRS 516 Powermatic 80 watch is available at Banks Lyon for £655 or from £10.92 per month at 0% finance.

TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer live by their motto: Don’t Crack Under Pressure. The brand is world-renowned for their boldness, extraordinary craftsmanship, reliability, durability and high-powered motor racing pedigree. One of the leading luxury watch brands in the world, TAG Heuer’s brand ambassadors include athletes, actors, models, divers and surfers from all corners of the planet, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Muhammad Ali.

Precision, performance and style go hand in hand with TAG Heuer, who have created countless Swiss automatic and quartz timepieces beloved by aficionados everywhere. The brand’s avant-garde technology allows TAG Heuer watches to push boundaries and break rules in order to offer a level of precision that is without rival.

TAG Heuer aspire to reinvent basic watchmaking principles with their cutting-edge technology and ideas, whilst creating stunning pieces where functionality meets fashion.



TAG Heuer Aquaracer Steel & Ceramic Ladies Watch

A sports watch inspired by the aquatic world. This TAG Heuer Aquaracer boasts a black dial with 11 diamonds within a stainless-steel case and a ceramic bezel. A functional piece that doubles as a fashionable accessory, this watch sits comfortably on the wrist due to the matching two-toned black ceramic and steel bracelet.

You can also find faceted hands with blue and green luminescent markers in this TAG Heuer model. The sapphire crystal means this piece can be worn every day and is resistant to common wear and tear, whilst its anti-reflective treatment protects from glare.

With a Swiss quartz movement, 300 metre water resistance, a unidirectional rotating bezel and a secure butterfly clasp, this Aquaracer is ideal for the woman who dives into life as much as she dives into water.

Purchase the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Steel & Ceramic Ladies watch at Banks Lyon for £1,600 or from £26.67 per month on 0% finance.

TAG Heuer Lady Link 32mm Watch

Comfort and elegance collide in this TAG Heuer Lady Link watch. TAG Heuer are a leading brand when it comes to creating inspiring timepieces, and the design of this model perfectly reflects this vision.

The fine-brushed and polished stainless steel of the bracelet and the case beautifully complements the mother-of-pearl baton hour marker dial. This watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters and comes with a diamond-set bezel and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, as well as a Swiss quartz movement that is one of the most reliable and accurate on the market.

The ultimate fashion accessory crafted for comfort, this Lady Link is an everyday timepiece, ideal for a woman who is always on the move and needs a reliable and stylish watch.

The TAG Heuer Lady Link 32mm watch is available at Banks Lyon for £3,000 or from £50 per month on 0% finance.



TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Special Edition Watch

The most striking feature of this special-edition Formula 1 timepiece is the blue dial with the famous Gulf stripes. TAG Heuer are always trying to innovate and create technologically advanced watches; therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this watch, which is inspired by the extreme performance of the McLaren Formula 1 team, possesses advanced technology that ensures its precision.

A high-performance timepiece to match high-performance cars.

Just like the fastest F1 racing cars in the world, this watch is resilient, accurate and stylish. It’s also water-resistant up to 200 meters and the stainless-steel case houses a powerful quartz movement.

Suited for the sporty gentleman who is passionate about celebrating the greatest moments of the motor racing’s history – and who also wants to wear a piece that is fashionable and precise.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Special Edition watch can be purchased for £1,300 at Banks Lyon or from £21.67 per month on 0% finance.

TAG Heuer Carrera HEUER 01 Skeleton Watch

This timepiece has also been inspired by motor racing and offers a classic, yet contemporary, aesthetic. Powered by an in-house HEUER 01 self-winding calibre that’s visible from both sides of the 45mm titanium and 18ct rose gold case, this watch is simultaneously a sporty piece and a powerful statement.

The stunning titanium rose gold and black skeletonised dial is surrounded by a ceramic tachymeter bezel and comes with a black rubber strap. Water resistant to 100 metres, this watch is perfect for everyday wear.

This is a watch for a sophisticated man who is also a sports aficionado – ideal for complementing and enhancing any look.

This TAG Heuer Carrera HEUER 01 Skeleton watch is available at Banks Lyon for £8,000 or from £133.33 per month on 0% finance.

Bremont Watches

Bremont place great value on heritage and quality craftsmanship. The English brand possesses strong ties to military aviation and its quality of design has allowed this relatively young company to stand apart from its contemporaries. Bremont watches are characterised by intense precision, outstanding and functional design, as well as intricate, hand-assembled movements – this makes Bremont one of the most desired luxury watchmaker brands in the world.

From concept to creation, Bremont timepieces are crafted to withstand and exceed the usual routines of the wearer. They’re also hand-built in limited numbers and offer immense precision, reliability and durability, and always with fantastic attention to detail.

For this reason, Bremont watches are often chosen by individuals and companies in industries such as manufacturing, transport and military. Bremont count Ben Saunders, polar explorer and endurance athlete, amongst their ambassadors; Saunders chose Bremont especially because of how reliable the brand’s pieces are.

It’s therefore fair to say that the English watchmaker creates exceptional timepieces designed not only to perform but also to exceed expectations.



Bremont Solo 32 LC White Dial Bracelet Watch

While Bremont’s designs tend to be gender-neutral, a selection of timepieces in the Solo Watches collection are considered to be ladies’ watches; due to the more modest case sizes. The Solo 32 LC White Dial piece is a superb example of that – delicate and beautifully designed, yet sturdy and reliable.

The stainless-steel bracelet, combined with the polished, hardened stainless-steel Trip-Tick® case construction, harmonises beautifully with the white dial. This Bremont model comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a 40-hour power reserve and a C.O.S.C. certified self-winding automatic chronometer.

Ideal for even the toughest of situations, this Bremont model has a long and fascinating history behind it. It’s named after Lettice Curtis, perhaps the most remarkable female pilot of the Second World War; Curtis flew a wide range of military combat aircraft with the Air Transport Auxiliary and was the first woman to qualify to fly a four-engine bomber.

The Solo 32 LC is perfect as a gift for a lady who is passionate about adventure and desires a piece that can complement any wardrobe at the same time.

Find the Bremont Solo 32 LC White Dial Bracelet watch for £2,995 at Banks Lyon or from £49.92 per month on 0% finance.


Bremont AIRCO Mach 3 Watch

A watch that is reminiscent of the older classic pilot’s watches in terms of design, the AIRCO Mach 3 comes with a BE-92AE automatic chronometer and a 38-hour minimum power reserve, hardened stainless steel case of Bremont Trip-Tick® construction, blue nubuck strap and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. The transparent caseback allows you to visualise the stunning C.O.S.C.-certified, self-winding automatic movement, and the red-tipped seconds hand is a phenomenal addition to the blue dial.

These features make this model well-suited for anyone leading an active lifestyle outdoors, especially considering the satin-finished case with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the baton index markers inlaid with Super-LumiNova® technology as well.

With 2018 marking 100 years of British military aviation the AIRCO Mach 3, with the signature military RAF blue on the dial, is a timely addition to Bremont’s range.

Available for £2,895 at Banks Lyon, the Bremont AIRCO Mach 3 watch can also be purchased from £48.25 per month on 0% finance.

Bremont U-2/51-JET Pilot Watch

This Bremont model is a distinctive watch based on the design of the U-2 range, which was originally developed for and inspired by several elite military squadrons. It’s difficult to picture a watch more suited for adventure than a piece that boasts a 38-hour power reserve, hardened stainless steel DLC Trip-Tick® case construction, black leather strap and water-resistance of up to 100 meters.

You can find Bremont’s trademark vintage 51 lume in this watch, together with heat-treated steel-blued hands. The U-2/51-JET is inspired by a military project commissioned by the RAF’s 100 Squadron to celebrate their centenary and complement their Hawk T1 Jet aircraft. The 100 Squadron was created for night bombing in 1917 and the case and middle barrel colour of this model are evocative of that stealth. The transparent caseback reveals the beautiful C.O.S.C.-certified self-winding automatic movement through smoked glass.

A watch that is perfect for history enthusiasts with a passion for stunning design and precision, who seek a companion for even the most challenging of environments.

At Banks Lyon, we stock the Bremont U-2/51-JET Pilot watch for £3,995 or from £66.58 per month on 0% finance.

Bremont ALT1-C Rose Gold Classic Watch

Every man needs a dress watch and this Special Edition release can be the perfect gift to complement the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. A beautiful addition to Bremont’s Classic ALT-1 collection, this model is made with a solid 18ct rose gold Trip-Tick® case and contains a modified 7750-SO-BI AC chronograph movement. It also comes with a C.O.S.C.-certified BE-50AE automatic chronometer with 42-hour power reserve and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Timeless in its design and yet incredibly stylish and contemporary, this is a stunningly precise timepiece that represents the best of English watchmaking.

Find this Bremont ALT1-C Rose Gold Classic watch at Banks Lyon for £11,710 or from £195.17 per month on 0% finance.

Cartier Watches

Founded in Paris in 1847, Cartier are a luxury goods company specialising in jewellery and watches. The French brand has a long-standing history of selling to royalty, from King Edward VII to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Cartier watches are more than just fleeting flashes in horology and fashion; the brand has forged a style that stands the test of time and embodies its remarkable heritage, while still remaining contemporary. Refined and prestigious, Cartier have been the pinnacle of luxury watch design for over a century, as well as a pioneer of modern watchmaking, having produced the first ever men’s wristwatch.

Cartier have created some of the world’s most renowned watches with their trademark classic designs that are also exemplary of skilled craftsmanship.



Cartier Tank Solo 24.4mm Quartz Watch

Cartier’s style is perfectly embodied in this watch; alluding to the past but with a touch of contemporary design, this Cartier piece is elegant, classy and always on trend. The watch possesses a quartz movement that ensures its reliability and accuracy, classic Roman numerals and blued-steel hands crafted into the distinctive sword shape.

This hint of colour on the dial further adds a touch of sophistication to the piece. The sapphire crystal of the case is second only to diamond in hardness, making it a durable watch that can be worn anywhere and at any time.

The classic design of this Tank model is delicate and stylish, as well as delightfully feminine – the perfect choice if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a lady who prefers timeless and luxurious simplicity.

The Cartier Tank Solo 24.4mm Small watch is available for £2,260 at Banks Lyon or from £37.67 per month on 0% finance.

Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm Diamond Watch

The watches in the Ballon Bleu range are true statement pieces. Unmistakable in style, the Ballon Bleu 33mm diamond watch is a seamless combination of cutting-edge technology with a passion for design. The sapphire crystal stainless-steel case contains a mechanical self-winding movement and a diamond-set bezel with 50 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.63 carats.

The essence of subtle elegance, this timepiece comes with a silvered flinqué sunray effect dial and sword-shaped hands in blued steel. The iconic blue cabochon-set crown is simply beautiful, adding a unique look of luxury to the piece.

The owner of a Ballon Bleu will relish its precision, perfect balance and style, as well as classic aspirational aesthetic. Ideal for a lady who is looking for the perfect timeless accessory.

Find this Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm Diamond watch at Banks Lyon for £9,200 or from £153.33 per month on 0% finance.


Cartier Santos Automatic Stainless-Steel Gents Watch

The Santos de Cartier collection embodies the brand’s innovative style. The geometric shape of its watches has been maintained since 1904 and is now an icon of Cartier design.

This watch presents a ‘screw-design’ bezel which sets it apart from other Cartier pieces. The steel bracelet comes with the brand’s trademark SmartLink resizing system, allowing the watch to be worn on any wrist. Not only does this model make a robust statement look, but it also offers a touch of class and sophistication. The spinel in the crown also adds a beautiful contrast with the brushed steel case, which is complemented by the silver opaline Roman dials and the blued-steel, sword-shaped hands that are instantly recognisable.

In addition to the watch’s water-resistance of up to 100 meters and the precise 1847 MC mechanical movement with automatic winding, the ‘QuickSwitch’ system of swapping the bracelet to a strap; is ideal for anyone who thrives on going from the boardroom to an adrenaline-filled adventure.

For just £5,900, this Cartier Santos Automatic Stainless-Steel Gents watch can be yours. You can also purchase it from Banks Lyon from £98.33 per month on 0% finance.

Drive de Cartier 18ct Large Date 18ct Pink Gold Watch

Having made a mark with their uniquely-shaped timepieces, Cartier continue to make history by redefining elegance and precision with the Drive de Cartier collection. With a bold, cushion-shaped case, enhanced by sleek curves and edges, this Drive model is brought to life by the watchmaker’s self-winding automatic Cartier Manufacturer Movement 1904 MC.

It features a large date, retrograde second-time zone and a day/ night indicator, making it a watch that always performs with utmost accuracy, no matter where you are in the world – suited for the gentleman who seeks a wrist piece which combines functionality and style.

The Drive the Cartier 18ct Large Date 18ct Pink Gold watch is available for £19,500 or from £325 per month on 0% finance.

Hublot Watches

The Swiss luxury watchmaker was founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, the same year Hublot first created the ‘Fusion’ concept. Hublot are heavily associated with the world of sports, from being official timekeepers of the World Cup to sponsoring events such as the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. They’re also partners of many industry leaders, from Ferrari and Usain Bolt to Pelé and Bar Rafaeli.

As official Hublot stockists, we couldn’t be prouder to offer some of the world’s best – and most innovative – timepieces. Linking watchmaking tradition with unconventional modernity, Hublot watches fuse high-performance elements like carbon, titanium and ceramic with more conventional ones, such as gold and stainless steel.

The result of this forward-thinking craftsmanship is the creation of popular, trendsetting collections for both ladies and gents.



Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium 38mm Watch

In true Hublot fashion, this Classic Fusion timepiece is the epitome of elegance, sophistication and innovation. This is a timeless yet modern watch with a light, ice blue dial which houses a HUB1110 self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

The Swiss brand’s focus on craftsmanship and beautiful aesthetics is evident in this piece, which also features a satin-finished and polished titanium case with a diamond set bezel. To complete this gorgeous watch, a satin-finished and polished bracelet has been added.

This Hublot watch is perfect for the modern woman who loves to adorn her wardrobe with a classic piece she can take to the office or on an evening out.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium 38mm watch is available at Banks Lyon for £9,200 or from £153.33 per month on 0% finance.

Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Quartz 33mm Watch

There is beauty in contrast, and this Classic Fusion in King Gold couldn’t be a more perfect example. It features an 18ct king gold diamond-set bezel on a brushed 18ct gold case, as well as a HUB1120 self-winding quartz movement and black rubber strap with deployant clasp. The matte black dial is surrounded by 36 round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.75ct and six of Hublot’s signature H-shaped titanium screws.

This timepiece is water-resistant up to 50 metres, has a power reserve of 40 hours, and highlights Hublot’s determination to create a stunning and sophisticated design, which can be an everyday piece suited for someone with a passion for beauty and functionality.

The Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Quartz 33mm watch is available for £15,200 at Banks Lyon or from £253.33 per month on 0% finance.



Hublot Classic Fusion Grey Titanium 45mm Watch

This self-winding automatic titanium watch with leather strap is true to the Classic Fusion original aesthetic while remaining technically innovative. With a sleek design, this Hublot piece is perfect for the modern gentleman seeking a style that will never go out of fashion.

Hublot is fuelled by the spirit of innovation and focused on high-performance, and this watch is no exception – it’s powered by a HUB1112 self-winding movement, has a power reserve of 42 hours and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The transparent caseback shows the internal movement of the watch and you get three different bracelet choices (leather, rubber and titanium). The signature H-shaped titanium screws and the sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective treatment are the perfect touches to a fantastic timepiece.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Grey Titanium 45mm watch can be purchased for £6,400 at Banks Lyon or from £106.67 per month on 0% finance.

Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT Titanium 45mm Watch

Hublot are well known for repurposing the unconventional, a vision shared by many of their watches, including the Hublot Big Bang GMT Titanium. It has a black and blue lined rubber strap secured with a titanium buckle and possesses 328 components which have been carefully assembled by hand. Such attention to detail is pure Hublot, who know how to create timepieces for men who like to make a statement.

This timepiece comes with a 72-hour power reserve and is powered by a HUB1251 UNICO manufacture self-winding GMT movement; the blue and matte anthracite grey skeleton dial allows the wearer to see this movement at all times.

The Big Bang Unico GMT Titanium watch has a satin-finished, titanium case enhanced with a polished titanium bezel with engraved dual time markers. It also has six H-shaped titanium screws surrounding a lower bezel made of blue composite resin and fronted by sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment.

The design choices made by Hublot make this watch the perfect style accent to any wardrobe.

You can find the Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT Titanium 45mm watch at Banks Lyon for £16,500 or from £275 per month on 0% finance.

A luxury watch is the ultimate Christmas gift and here at Banks Lyon we have a wide range of watches on finance available; so feel free to browse our selection or visit us in Lancaster or Kendal to see for yourself. With our personalised shopping experience, we can help you to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life, which we’re confident they will love.