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spiral into luxury

When searching for the right piece of jewellery it can be difficult to find something that speaks to you. Something may seem too much of the same, something you see many of your friends wearing and makes you yearn for something a little different. With the coming social engagements that winter and the New Year bring, something a little more special is desired for such events.

So, how can you choose a piece that is uniquely beautiful? Perhaps the key is not in the stone, precious metal or even the setting; rather the secret may be in the shape.

A Showstopper

Rather than the same old, same old, you may find that this stunning white and rose gold spiral is the answer. Five rings are studded with diamonds, surrounding an impressive specimen of unique 3.60ct Oval Tanzanite, the colour of which is stunningly vivid. It is a one-off and as such, not something you would expect to find at any old cocktail party.

The birthstone of December, Tanzanite is a variant of the mineral zoisite and as you might expect is a native mineral of Tanzania (thus the name). Naturally occurring Tanzanite is extremely rare. This stone has a distinct pleochroism – revealing purple, blue or a lighter grey depending on the angle of the light. In this piece, the Tanzanite is a vibrant violet in incandescent light.

If you are intrigued by this spiral wonder, you can find it here

The Spiral Meaning

The meaning of the spiral shape itself brings a whole other element to this interesting piece. It is a signpost for evolution, growth and the revolution of stars in the universe. This meaning creates an amazing link to the turning seasons, as the shift between summer and autumn takes hold. The world is constantly changing and a circular shape is a perfect way to demonstrate this constant change.

A spiral is also a symbol of creativity, which can sometimes be hard to inject into the day to day of life. Creating a spiral is often seen as a way to channel your creativity and increase its flow. Wearing one may, in the same way, help the creativity to flow throughout your day. Being inspired is something everyone craves and having the key to this draping from your neck can be a key to success.

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