Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

Composing your perfect engagement ring

Planning a marriage proposal is no easy task; there are countless aspects that must be well thought out and planned to perfection in order to make it the moment to remember. Whether it is the timing, the location, the way in which you are going to ask your loved one to be yours forever or, just as importantly, the ring you choose to represent your love; planning is essential for engagement perfection.

However, we completely understand how overwhelming all this planning can be, especially as we approach the Festive Season. Ideally, you want to have everything planned, primed and ready to go weeks in advance so that you can be sure that you are truly prepared.


Here at Banks Lyon, we want to help you make this special moment memorable, and with our range of engagement rings from £500 on 0% finance, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your one and only.

Yellow Gold, White Gold & Platinum

Everyone has a preference towards their material when it comes to jewellery. However, it isn’t exclusively aesthetic; there are also meaningful reasons for choosing these precious metals.

Yellow gold signifies natural happiness. The yellow colour is naturally formed and represents contentment and friendship, making it a wonderful choice of material for such a precious piece of jewellery; signifying the union, happiness and friendship of two people so madly in love.

You can find this 18ct Yellow and White Gold Solitaire ring here

White gold signifies purity and clarity; a pristine appearance is seen to imply the purity of love. Elegant and simple, it provides the perfect base from which your diamonds can sparkle and reflect the beauty of your partner.

You can find this 18ct White Gold Solitaire ring here

Platinum is another precious material, popular for crafting the dream engagement ring. The beauty of this material is not only in its sleek appearance, but in its longevity, too. Platinum is widely known as the least reactive metal, meaning that it is guaranteed to retain its stunning aesthetics and quality as your love matures and the years fly by. Unaffected and precious, the platinum ring offers an excellent representation and reflection of your unique love, for all of eternity.

You can find this Platinum 0.20CT Brilliant Cut Diamond ring here

Why Are Diamonds The Chosen Gem?

An engagement ring often has one, or many, diamonds set on or within it; but why is the diamond classically considered the perfect marriage between precious metal and precious stone?

The nature of a diamond is that it is flawless. The clarity of the diamond, and what is often described as the fire, is what draws the eye, reflecting light and making the stone appear as though it is dancing within its setting. Fire is synonymous with passion and purity, which perfectly encapsulate love.


Diamonds are also notably the most valuable gem to be found on our planet. This status is ideal for use within such a precious piece of jewellery, utilising the prestigious status to signify one of the most beautiful moments in your life. An engagement ring symbolises the love and passion you have for one another – and we believe that there’s no better gem to convey this than the glistening diamond.


At Banks Lyon, we are proud to offer a collection dedicated to beautiful diamond engagement rings that are sure to breathe love, longevity and light into any proposal. Our specialist jewellery experts are available to guide you through the process, helping you to carefully select the dream ring for your loved one, even offering a bespoke design service if you are looking for a ring with a personal touch – be it crafted from a precious family heirloom or a vintage piece you wish to reinvigorate, we take great pride in capturing your dream.


For more information on any of the engagement rings that we have available, please feel free to visit us in store; you can relax in the secluded Banks Lyon bar, return as frequently as you desire and consult with our engagement ring experts to ensure that when you pop the question, your partner will feel the most important person in your world.