The History Of Rolex – An Infographic


Rolex is the largest luxury horological brand in the world, and it is widely acknowledged as the leading Swiss luxury watch manufacturer of all time. Rolex has been creating a huge range of salient chronometer certified timepieces ever since their foundation in 1905; and they are still considered to be one of the most exciting and respected of global brands even today. Our previous infographic posts have tracked both the Bremont story and the history of TAG Heuer, and now this latest origin study will focus upon the history of Rolex. This most esteemed watch making company has enjoyed a storied history spanning more than a century, and now you can track Rolex’s journey all the way from the initial vision of Hans Wilsdorf to their current status in 2014.

The company now known as Rolex was founded to produce the most reliable and innovative wristwatches in the world, and few would now claim that they have not achieved that intention. Great anticipation always surrounds the future directions which Rolex might choose to take, and here at Banks Lyon we are incredibly proud to be among the select number of authorised Rolex watch stockists in the UK. To find out all the latest news about our unparalleled collection of Rolex watches, or indeed any of our other luxury watches and luxury jewellery products, please be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages now.