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Award-winning Andrew Geoghegan jewellery is the perfect way to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for an engagement or wedding ring or stunning dress jewellery, this collection provides exquisite choices to suit any wearer. From iconic Andrew Geoghegan rings to matching pendants, this range is not one to miss.

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Andrew Geoghegan "Cannele" Earrings
£54.41 per month on 0% finance
Andrew Geoghegan "CANNELÉ DES CÉVENNES" Ring
£76.20 per month on 0% finance
Andrew Geoghegan "Cannele Trois" Ring
£74.93 per month on 0% finance
Andrew Geoghegan Jubillee Ring
01-02-033 (JUB34/P)
£56.55 per month on 0% finance
Andrew Geoghegan "Cannele" Earrings
£65.09 per month on 0% finance
Andrew Geoghegan "Cannele" Twist Ring
Was: £5,950.00 (save £855.00)
£76.43 per month on 0% finance
Andrew Geoghegan "Cannele Petit" Ring
£35.63 per month on 0% finance

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Andrew Geoghegan is most well known for his meticulously crafted bridal jewellery, cocktail rings, pendants, bangles and earrings. With a background in sculptural art, since 1998 he has been creating stunning pieces with a creative and imaginative style, winning a range of accolades including the British Jewellery Association’s 2014 Designer of the Year Award.

The Andrew Geoghegan jewellery range showcases his excellent eye for detail; he has been able to capture the ideal of luxury with his modern and eye catching designs. They are stylish, beautiful but not excessive, and have a simple elegance about them that makes give each piece thorough wearability. He effortlessly combines seemingly contradictory elements – curves and angles, modernity and classic design – to create pieces which speak of unity and elegance.

All of these qualities are best summed up in the edgy but feminine 'Satellite Ring', which encapsulates the glamorous essence of the Art Deco era and yet simultaneously feels fantastically futuristic. The collection should strike a chord with Banks Lyon clientele who have come to expect detailed pieces of the highest quality.

From dress jewellery to complement any outfit, to an engagement and wedding ring set that you will love to wear every day, the selection of Andrew Geoghegan rings and jewellery available from Banks Lyon is sure to entrance and delight, and with our finance terms purchasing could not be easier.

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At Banks Lyon we are authorised stockists and sellers of Andrew Geoghegan jewellery, and so you can be certain that every piece of jewellery we sell is absolutely genuine. For more information on the Andrew Geoghegan jewellery collection, or on any of our products, please contact us on 01524 381020, and a member of our professional and friendly team will be able to help you.