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Fope EKA Tiny Flex'it 18ct Rose Gold Long Necklace with Diamonds
£159.08 per month on 0% finance
Fope Panorama 18ct Yellow Gold Necklace with Diamonds
£199.73 per month on 0% finance
Fope Vendome 18ct Gold 0.20ct Diamond Necklace
£109.35 per month on 0% finance
Fope 18ct Yellow & White Gold 1.471ct Diamond Mialuce Necklace
£213.08 per month on 0% finance
Fope Prima Flex It Rose Necklace
£107.85 per month on 0% finance
Fope 3 Colour Mialuce Necklace
£201.68 per month on 0% finance
Fope Eka Tiny 80cm Necklace
£50.85 per month on 0% finance
Fope Necklace - Small Collection
£38.33 per month on 0% finance
Fope Prima Flex It Necklace
£41.93 per month on 0% finance
Fope Yellow Gold Maori Diamond Set Necklace
£68.18 per month on 0% finance
Fope Prima 18ct White Gold Necklace with Diamonds
£52.28 per month on 0% finance
Fope Profili Necklace - 18ct Yellow Gold

Fope Necklaces: A Piece in a Beautiful Story

Each piece of jewellery created by the incredibly talented craftsmen is another piece in the tale of Italian beauty, and Fope necklaces are no exception. Since their founding in 1929, the innovative technology and elegantly unobtrusive design has spoken volumes about the retained Venetian flair, secured by keeping the jewellery making in the same location it has always been, in Vincenza, Italy. Inspired by settings such as perfumed gardens and city architectures where you will find real people with real love and real emotions, the fourth generation of this family-run business are continuing to take it to new heights.

Their maintained ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy is a globally renowned stamp of luxury quality and sophistication from one of the style capitals of the world. This label stays true to its early heritage, whilst expressing the flair for experimentation it has always had; international success and globalisation has inspired an innovative and customised approach to making their necklaces, amongst other jewellery collections. Namely, investing in computerising production alongside the talented craftsmen and cutting-edge numerical control machinery.  


The Perfect Choice for any Occasion

Part of the charm of these plait-like collections of necklaces is their ability to be under and overdressed, to match the occasion at hand. Remaining true to Fope's values set over 80 years ago, each piece is paid the utmost attention to detail and created with incredibly high-quality to emit a fresh and inspiring elegance. In fact, dedicated to the level of quality, Fope necklaces are meticulously checked, from colour and design to the cut and carat weight of the diamonds. A close inspection of every last feature ends with white-gloved experts being the last to handle the piece. 

This quality and intricacy can complement a wonderful outfit or be worn to complete the outfit; subtly or as a statement. From simply sophisticated Eka Tiny 70cm and 80cm to the Flex’It Solo necklace, there's an everyday luxury just waiting to be worn.  


Astounding Variety of Necklaces

The variety of necklaces offered by Fope is truly astounding, spreading the Italian taste through refined jewels and elegantly unobtrusive designs. As Vincenza is one of three historic jewellery making centres in Italy, workshops have always crafted gold here and the charming collection of Fope necklaces are expertly created from 18-carat white, yellow and rose golds. As seen in the 3 colour MiaLuce necklace.

Fashioning some necklaces in this collection with diamond set rondels makes for an extra essence of charisma, meaning a stylish design can transform any outfit for all occasions. Whether you want to remain simple and understated with just the one diamond detailing as seen in the Prime Flex'It Pave necklace, add a touch of personality with the contrast of the Gold Maori or draw attention to the exquisite design with the Fope Phylo 60cm necklace, boasting three diamond set rondels along the 60cm chain, there is a necklace for all occasions.

Of course, the world-renowned and patented flexible mesh chain forms the blend of traditional and contemporary style and class seen in each piece, for flexible wear that moves with you.


Purchase Your Way

Here at Banks Lyon Jewellers, we're passionate about helping people to find their perfect Fope necklace and are here to help should you require recommendations or anything else of the sort. Simply get in touch with us by calling 01524 382010. We offer the chance to purchase up front, or through our zero % finance flexible monthly repayment plans on pieces over £500. Deposits start from as little as 10% and terms run up to 48 months. Buy online today or visit us in one of our Lancaster or Kendal showrooms.