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Welcoming in a new year, the garnet is the perfect gem for January birthdays. Said to symbolise peace, prosperity and good health, this stone offers the perfect way to begin the year.

While it is most often seen in a rich red hue, the garnet can be found in a variety of other colours such as green and orange. These beautiful stones have a striking glowing quality to them which gives them a feeling of depth. With such rich colours, the garnet offers a real touch of luxury to any piece of jewellery.

Garnet Jewellery – The Gem of Good Faith

The name is derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’, which means seed or grain. This is due to the gem’s resemblance to the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. To some, the gem is known as the ‘gem of faith’ as any good deeds performed by one wearing the garnet, will receive more good in return.

Garnets have been used as far back as the Late Antique Roman world and were used to decorate everything from jewellery to sword hilts, glistening with their vibrant colours for hundreds of years. The history of the garnet still lives on today as some historic pieces remain, some dating as far back as the Bronze Age, displaying just how strong this luxurious gem truly is.

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Garnet jewellery would make a perfect gift for any individual whose birthday falls in January and with its different shades, this birthstone can match with any personality and style. In addition to this, the garnet is also thought to symbolise long-lasting friendship, so could be a particularly special gift for a friend who is close to your heart.

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