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June 22nd, 2014

A Look at Our SEVENFRIDAY watches

We’ve already introduced our new array of SEVENFRIDAY watches in a previous blog, and have given you some details about this new and exciting name in the world of horology. However, as you’ve probably noticed, our SEVENFRIDAY collection includes many different wristwatches, so this time we thought we would outline the categories used by their present watches individually, and take a close look at each one in turn.



The P1 range of SEVENFRIDAY timepieces is currently the most prolific in their collection, and no less than 5 superb variants are sold here at Banks Lyon. Unique among the SEVENFRIDAY range, certain P1 watches retain highly-finished stainless steel within their dominant visual themes, although others complement this material with PVD. The P1 selection draws its strength from divergence, and with a cascade of hues ranging from silver, white and green, to blue and even vibrant orange, there is sure to be a design to suit anyone.

Ranging in price from £775 to £850, all of these watches are available on 0% finance, allowing you to tailor your payment methods using a variety of monthly payment and deposit options.



Second within the SEVENFRIDAY assemblage comes the P2 family, and rather appropriately we have two alternate timepieces in stock. Both P2 watches come equipped with substantial PVD inclusion upon their stainless steel cases, yet each is made unique by virtue of an exclusive colour scheme. Whether in black and gold, or grey with silver and bronze, a SEVENFRIDAY P2 watch is guaranteed to hold the attention and delight the eye with its intricate aesthetics.

Our SEVENFRIDAY P2-1 automatic watch and SEVENFRIDAY P2-2 automatic watch retail at £825 and £900 respectively, and by taking advantage of our finance option you could own either of these timepieces for 24 monthly instalments of no more than £34 alongside a 10% deposit.



The SEVENFRIDAY P3 stands on its own at Banks Lyon, but that only makes this particular watch even more desirable. This SEVENFRIDAY watch is instantly recognisable thanks to a black PVD-treated stainless steel case, a silicone animation ring with a motorcycle theme, and a black interface studded by gun metal and crimson detailing. This interface is also augmented with an array of differing finishes, so the fairly uniform aesthetic never verges upon becoming dull.

In stock for just £825, this suave SEVENFRIDAY P3-1 automatic watch can be obtained on finance for 24 monthly instalments of £30.94 and a 10% deposit.



The M1 and M2 timepieces are brand new releases for SEVENFRIDAY in 2014, and represent the latest stage of their evolution. According to the brand themselves, the M1 is styled after the fashion of an industrial turbine, whilst the M2 draws inspiration from vintage power tools. The dials utilise an innovative system to display hours, minutes and seconds using a trio of disc forms, whilst the crowns have been inverted to the left side of the casing. Equipped with new case backs, the SEVENFRIDAY M1 automatic watch and SEVENFRIDAY M2 automatic watch are very much in the same vein as the P family, but also carry a style all of their own.

Both timepieces benefit from a Miyota calibre 8215 movement which boasts a 45 hour power reserve, so the interior engineering of these watches lives up to the promise of the exterior. The M1 and M2 are available to pre-order for £995 and £1,150 respectively, with even more accessibility offered by our flexible 0% finance scheme, allowing you to customise your method of payment. To find out more about any of our SEVENFRIDAY watches, or to place an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Banks Lyon Jewellers by calling 01524 38 48 58 or send us an email at [email protected].


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