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September 7th, 2022

A Timepiece for Air or Earth: The Hamilton Collections You Won’t Want to Miss

Choosing a watch requires much time and consideration to get right, with the first step selecting which brand speaks to you the most. Hamilton could be the one for you if you’re looking for a watch brand with rich history and functionality for a wide range of settings.

Hamilton manufactures the ideal timepieces for both air and earth, and we’re here today to explain why. As leading watch experts in Lancashire and Cumbria, we have a plethora of knowledge on an extensive range of big watch brands and are more than equipped to assist you in finding your next timepiece.

Let’s take a look at some of the most influential watch collections from American watchmaker Hamilton: The Khaki Field and The Khaki Aviation.

A Brief History of Hamilton

Hamilton was established in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where its factory remained for the next 111 years. The company initially found its way into the railway industry when it became the watchmaker for those synchronising timing on the tracks. After this, in 1918, Hamilton explored the airmail sector and became synonymous with timing the skies, quickly becoming a favourite for those in the aviation industry. In the early 1930s, Hamilton then found its way into Hollywood, acting as the star’s reliable and glamorous timepiece. As a result, Hamilton watches were found on the wrists of several iconic celebrities, including Elvis Presley.

Hamilton watch on someone's wrist

In 2003, the American watchmakers left their humble roots and moved to the hustle and bustle of the world-famous Swiss watchmaking capital, Biel, Switzerland. Here, the company grew with the prestigious ‘Swiss made’ label attached to their brand.

Despite the change of location, Hamilton is still American through and through regarding its watch designs. Each collection and individual timepiece carries the brand’s history with it, making this one of the most sought-after companies to own a watch from for fans of the silver screen, aviation experts, and railway enthusiasts alike.

Air or Earth?

Hamilton began their watchmaking journey in America, where many of its design inspirations come from today. One of the collections that showcase this best is The Khaki Field. This collection of timepieces encapsulates the American military’s history in its attractive aesthetics and outstanding functionality. Alongside this is The Khaki Aviation, which embodies the brand’s history as an aviation watchmaker.

Both collections boast a long list of impressive functions and stunning styles, so to help you choose the best watch range for your next timepiece, let’s explore the Hamilton watches online here at Banks Lyon.

The Khaki Field

The Khaki Field collection of watches is the embodiment of authentic American military timepieces. In both functionality and design, these watches display the rich history of Hamilton as the US military’s supplier of watches during World War II, when they provided over one million watches to those at war. Hamilton Khaki Field watches are lightweight, visually stunning, and historic timepieces that have evolved over time but still encapsulate the fascinating and monumental past.

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto 38mm Watch

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto 38mm WatchWe’re proud to offer this incredible watch from The Khaki Field collection. Boasting stunning aesthetics, including a leather strap and titanium watch case, if you’re searching for a timepiece that displays authentic American military design, this is it. As well as the stunning exterior, you will find that this piece is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to manoeuvre with comfort and ease.









The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto 38mm Watch pictured here is available from Banks Lyon for £785. Or, choose 0% finance and get your hands on this timepiece for just £6.54 per month.


The Khaki Aviation

Hamilton Khaki Aviation watches are incredibly unique in design, encapsulating the brand’s past as an airmail supplier during World War I and UK Army Airforce during World War II. They perfectly blend vintage aesthetics and modern functionality to provide an outstanding timepiece with a distinctive style.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chrono 40mm Watch

Embodying Hamilton’s past as watchmakers for the aviation industry, this watch showcases the distinctive vintage design of aviation timepieces from years gone by.Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chrono 40mm Watch This watch manages to be both rugged and sleek, with its brown leather strap and intricate watch face, making it the ideal choice for those wanting aesthetics and history rolled into one item.







The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chrono 40mm Watch is available from Banks Lyon for £1,800. Or, choose our 0% finance option and get this timepiece for only £15 per month.

Hamilton Khaki Field and Aviation at Banks Lyon

As official stockists of Hamilton watches, we’re proud to offer these timepieces both online and at our watch showrooms in Lancaster and Kendal. If you believe you have found your next watch in one of these Hamilton collections, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, and one of our watch experts will be more than happy to discuss your options, including our fantastic 0% finance deals.

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