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October 29th, 2015

Alpina’s New Flyback Chronograph Boosts an Already Glowing Reputation

Those with a strong interest in the technicalities of fine watches will already know the esteemed reputation of ‘flyback chronographs’. Deliciously complicated, these timepieces allow the user to make use of the reset option without actually stopping the chronometer first. For pilots, this can be a vital time saving device, and for the rest of us it is an interesting complication which adds real value to a watch.

Although the original conception of the flyback chronograph was pioneered by Breitling, it’s Alpina who have taken centre stage with their own recent Alpiner 4 Flyback Chronograph, which features the ‘AL-760’, a new flyback manufacture calibre which has been developed in house, under the watchful eye of their talented engineer Pim Koeslag.

This would be remarkable enough in its own right, but what makes it all the more noteworthy is the starting price that Alpina is asking for with their new range – at £3,780, there is a considerable difference between the cost of acquiring the Alpiner 4 Flyback, and that of its near competitors.

Hopefully you agree with us that this is an exceptional deal, but you certainly shouldn’t take that as a sign of reduced quality. Rather, Alpina are cementing their reputation as a brand which produces watches of a top end quality while also managing to trim their prices, something which we have already observed with their recent horological smart watch.

The Alpiner 4 Flyback Chronograph has been described as both an ambitious watch and one which will help the brand to gain the respect already enjoyed by many of their close competitors. We certainly agree, and are very excited to see the direction they choose to take in coming years. With this in mind, we thought we’d introduce to a few of the watch’s peers; Alpina offerings which, like their Flyback Chronograph, show the aspirations and innovation of the brand.

Alpina Alpiner GMT 24H Watch

With an innovative 24 hour design lending this watch its air of originality and practicality, the Alpiner GMT 24H watch captures a lot of what it means to buy Alpina. A solid black strap and black baton dial give it a classic appeal, whilst also putting usability at the forefront – this is easy to read and a pleasure to wear. We are currently offering this watch at a price of £1,675.00 or on a 36-month 0% finance plan of £37.22 per month.

Alpina Pilot Manufacture Worldtimer Watch

At first glance, it seems incredible that this Pilot Manufacture Worldtimer watch offers so much in terms of functionality and yet manages to maintain a clean and simple look, interesting to the eye and yet never overbearing. With an AL-718 manufacture calibre powering functions such as the adjustable worldtimer which gives the watch its name, this timepiece certainly gave a glimpse of what Alpina watches would prove themselves to be capable of. You can order this watch today for £2,910.00 or on a generous 0% finance plan from £64.67 per month.

With our Lancaster store now back open, we would love to have you in to see what Alpina has to offer for yourselves; otherwise, please feel free to contact us online or at 01524 38 48 58 with any of your queries. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, with news about the store and all the latest from the world of fine watches and jewellery.

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