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August 21st, 2015

Be Bold, Be Rebellious: Get the SEVENFRIDAY Feeling

With the onset of summer it can sometimes be hard for one to make the same levels of commitment to fashion and design as with autumnal or winter months. With the summer sun tempting you to remove layers you are decreasingly left with outlets from which to display your own particular brand of style; the beauty of the wrist watch is its universal relevance to whatever your chosen manner of fashion – the SEVENFRIDAY watch range offers no exception.

Whilst the SEVENFRIDAY watch is the perfect accompaniment to anything from a dinner date to a summer celebration, its individuality lies in its ability to set its own pace with fashion through its own commendable visual audacity. Only officially founded in 2012, SEVENFRIDAY are the relative youngster on the horological scene, although their popularity and approach to watch craftsmanship could count the seconds with the rest.


SEVENFRIDAY are famed for their initial P1, P2 and P3 models which made waves upon their release in 2013. One of our particular favourites from within that range is the SEVENFRIDAY P1-4 Automatic. At £850, the P1-4 displays great value for money, but can also be purchased through the finance options we have available.

The aforementioned audacity of SEVENFRIDAY comes into a beautiful collision with stripped back shade subtlety as it fronts with multi-layered black and blue shades to complement even the most bold of dress-sense. With its anti-reflective mineral crystal and leather bracelet, its concise leaning towards delicacy is juxtaposed through the 48mm steel and PVD case diameter which frames the azure facade. The reliable Miyota 82S7 automatic movement of the piece is partnered on the face with a small seconds indicator at 4 o’clock and an am/pm indicator at 9 o’clock. The P1-4 offers a bright and bold partner to your delectable fashion taste and promises to draw the eye of even the novice horologer.


Whilst the SEVENFRIDAY M2 Automatic still boasts the large 48mm face of the P1-4 time-piece, its commitment to a daring facade is somewhat softened through the application of its black face. Whilst the black theme runs across the M2, the adoption of bronze beneath the surface of the black front allows for a superb highlighting of the multiple rotating dial displays which serve to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds.

At £1150, the M2 is marginally pricier than the P1-4, and whilst it too comes with finance options, its ability to tread the line between being bold and being subtle is justification alone for treating yourself. Boasting the same trustworthy Miyota 82S7 automatic movement and offering a 2 year international warranty, the M2 really does offer value for money, and with its left sided Crown it promises to make you and your wrist the talking point of any social occasion.

Whilst both fantastic watches are fronted through the brave implementation of the 48mm front, the P1-4 and the M2 are almost at polar opposites when it comes to SEVENFRIDAY design. Each watch offers you a horological masterpiece suited for any occasion, pre-built to complement the outfit of any discerning gentleman, yet each screams their own particular brand of fashion.

Whilst the summer is upon us, it pays to plan ahead for when the social events are ever-increasingly indoors – although each of these SEVENFRIDAY pieces are water-resistant up to 30m – they are the ultimate for conversation breeding and provide a fascinating complement to your chosen outfit.

If you would like to hear more about our SEVENFRIDAY range, or to discuss our services with one of our Banks Lyon horological experts, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01524 384858 where we will be more than happy to help find your style the partner it deserves.


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