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Bremont have always had a connection to aviation. Co-founders Nick and Giles English are pilots themselves, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they consider an aviator’s watch to be one of the most important instruments in the cockpit.

Now, the watchmaker has delved into the world of aviation once more with the Bremont ionBird collection. The new Bremont ionBird watches launched just as the brand became the Official Timekeeping Partner for Rolls-Royce’s attempt to fly the world’s fastest electric plane.

Spirit of Innovation

The challenge of how aviation can become more sustainable and reach net zero carbon power is not new, and Rolls-Royce seek to pioneer the race for change with its ‘Spirit of Innovation’. This zero-emissions plane aims to be the fastest in the world and is set to surpass the current record of 213 miles per hour by reaching speeds of over 300 miles per hour.

The flights are scheduled for early 2021 and mark an important breakthrough in aviation. Rolls-Royce have supported record flying speed attempts in the past, including the Schneider Trophies in the early 1930s when a Supermarine S.6B, powered by a Rolls-Royce ‘R’ engine, was victorious.

The Bremont Supermarine watches have previously paid tribute to this achievement.

Bremont are Teaming Up with Rolls-Royce

Bremont are the Official Timekeeping Partner for this world record attempt and, to commemorate the occasion, they’ve launched the ionBird mechanical chronograph, which the test pilots will be wearing during the record-breaking flights. The watchmaker was also involved in the design of the plane’s cockpit, which will feature a Bremont stopwatch – some of its parts were manufactured on Bremont’s Henley-on-Thames facility.

Banks Lyon are proud to stock the latest Bremont watches at our stores, especially because the ionBird perfectly embodies the brand’s passion for technology, precision engineering and timeless, yet modern, design.

Nick English is ecstatic over the partnership. He says that “it is an extraordinary privilege to be working with the wonderful Rolls-Royce team on this project. As pilots ourselves, we (my brother Giles and I) have known Phil, the Rolls-Royce test pilot, for many years, and Rolls-Royce owns the Spitfire that our father operated when he was alive.”

He goes on to say that the electrification of the industry is a crucial milestone in the face of the current climatic challenges, so Bremont are keen to play a part in it.

Bremont ionBird Watch

The new Bremont ionBird watch comes with a 43mm case made from lightweight, aviation-grade titanium, perfect for keeping weight to a minimum while still ensuring durability.

Inside the case, a BE93-2AV chronometer-rated GMT movement powers the watch. This movement is also safely cushioned against shock using Bremont’s proprietary ‘Anti-Shock’ technology inside the case, another feature that showcases how fight-ready the watch truly is.

The piece also has two time zones clearly displayed on the dials, which have been designed to offer maximum readability.

Because Bremont doesn’t shy away from paying homage to the past – in fact, this is one of their unique features – the chronograph has a vintage aesthetic with the way the numerals look as well as its bronze hands. Despite this, the watch is the farthest thing from outdated, as Bremont ensured the design of the piece is modern at the same time.

The water-resistance of up to 100 metres is a great finishing touch to an already fantastic piece, as is the transparent caseback and sapphire crystal. This scratch-resistant crystal offers even more durability to the watch, promoting its longevity for generations.

If you’re interested in the Bremont ionBird chronograph, you’ll be pleased to know you have the choice of a leather or stainless-steel bracelet. And, at Banks Lyon, you can buy either model at 0% finance:

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