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December 3rd, 2015

Choosing a Watch to Treat Your Senses

watches 4 the senses

Most of us might be inclined to think that the appeal of a watch is predominantly visual; we aim to choose the timepiece that will look the prettiest, or perhaps the grandest, on our wrist. It’s certainly true that most watches are designed to appeal to our sense of sight, and brightly coloured or skeletonised models such as the Dietrich OT-4 – shown below and now available for £1,585.00, or on finance at £35.22 per month – are incredibly stimulating to our eyes.


However, there are also plenty of choices available for those who want to find a treat for one of the other four senses…

Music to your Ears

If the mechanisms of your watch are loud enough, the clicking, ticking and whirring can start to become a melody, especially for the most enthusiastic of watch fans. If it’s the music of the watch that really appeals to you, we simply have to recommend the phenomenal Clé de Cartier – which takes the natural symphony of the watch as its starting point, with the rest of the design being built around the ‘Clé’, an innovative crown which mimics the old-fashioned motion of winding a watch and, of course, providing that infinitely satisfying click.


The Clé de Cartier watches here at Banks Lyon range from £5,800 to £40,400, with finance plans starting at £128.89 per month.

The Sweetest Scent

When thinking about the sensory delights of a timepiece, the idea of smelling it may not immediately spring to mind; this is a real shame if you consider the fantastic aroma which can come from a luxurious piece of leather.

Many of our favourite watches have incredible leather straps which offer that fantastic, old-worldly smell, and some also conjure up memories; take a look at this Bremont Jaguar model, available for £4,950.00 or on finance at just £110 per month, and we bet that you can almost smell the rubber and petrol of a roaring race track.

bremont jag

More than a Feeling

Sometimes it’s nice to have a textured object close to hand – something that you can run your fingers over as you drift off into a daydream. Here, too, a watch could be your best friend, especially if you choose a model which has been carefully studded with stunning diamonds.

If touch is your sense of choice then you are certain to be enamoured with the Chopard Happy Diamonds range. The variety of textures built into this Happy Diamond watch are inspirational, with the bracelet and the ring of diamonds each offering feel. If you love this watch as much as we do, you can make it yours for £20,200.

chopard happy diamonds

The Epitome of Taste

You’ll probably be relieved to hear that we have no intention of asking you to taste any of our watches… no matter how delicious some of them might look! However, when it comes to the other meaning of taste – impeccable and discerning style – there is absolutely no doubt that all of these watches fall wonderfully into this category too. Taste is simply too subjective for us to pick out just one example, however you can rest assured that from the charismatic Cartier watches to the grandiosity of Chopard, there will be something to suit yours.

Please get in touch with Banks Lyon today, online or at 01524 38 48 58 to find out more information about any of these wonderful watches; you are also always welcome to pay us a visit at our Lancaster store. Meanwhile, don’t forget to come and connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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