Gigi Hadid and Messika: An ‘Addictive’ Collection


Parisian jeweller Messika has teamed up with supermodel Gigi Hadid to create a beautiful collection to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the brand’s gorgeous signature Move collection – and the brand itself. Titled ‘Move Addiction’, this new chapter in Messika’s history features classic, yet edgy, lines that come together in a sophisticated 12-piece collection.

Messika’s Move

Messika was originally created in 2007 by Valérie Messika, who took inspiration from childhood memories with her father, André Messika, a renowned diamond dealer who allowed her to play with the loose stones. The iconic Move collection represents this memory with three moving diamonds that combine beautiful design and symbolism into a timeless aesthetic.

Messika’s vision of making diamonds ‘cool’ is evident in this collection, as Valérie’s aim was to appeal to the stylish, modern woman who also enjoys a casual look – a decision that saw countless women attracted to the femininity, allure and simplicity of Messika’s jewellery pieces.

Gigi Hadid and Delicate, Wearable Jewellery

Hadid’s personal taste was completely in tandem with Messika’s vision of what jewellery should be. A more perfect partnership was impossible, then, with the supermodel loving to wear “jeans and a t-shirt and spicing it up with a dash of sparkle from a diamond.”

Hadid also says of Valérie Messika: “The moment I met her and saw the way she wore her own personal jewellery, I knew we could make beautiful jewellery together. Together we made something that feels true to me while maintaining the essence of Messika. Although I’m mostly casual, it makes dressing up once in a while really fun.”

Combining style and fashion with wearability and femininity allowed Messika and Gigi Hadid to create a truly timeless and chic collection.

Move Addiction Collection

Just like Move, the Move Addiction collection is also perfect for everyday wear. A romantic, yet modern and edgy symbol of luxury and sophistication, Messika truly outdid themselves by inviting Gigi Hadid to design their new jewellery pieces.

All pieces in this collection were beautifully crafted from 18-carat gold and fine diamonds and includes necklaces, bracelets and rings. These jewellery pieces are stackable and transformable, featuring the iconic loose diamonds now suspended within a ‘G’ motif.

Characterised by stunning minimalism with a contemporary edge, Messika’s ethos of making diamonds wearable is perfectly represented in the Move Addiction collection. The jewellery pieces are available in white, yellow and pink gold, and come with pavé and non-pavé accents. The versatility of this collection means it gives endless options to their wearer.

Messika also understands that special occasions require special jewellery pieces, which is why Gigi Hadid also designed four high-end pieces within Move Addiction that feature her ‘G’ motif: an ear cuff inspired by punk, a gorgeous ring, a three-row long necklace and a diamond-studded choker. Named Move High Jewellery Addiction, these haute couture pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, sculptural and aimed at the fashionable and modern young woman.

Messika Move Addiction Pavé Bracelet

The Messika Move Addiction Pavé Bracelet is an exceptional addition to the range and showcases the passion for style, simplicity and romanticism, so characteristic of the brand. The rock and punk components of the collection are certainly represented on this bracelet, which highlights the clear lines and strong angles favoured by Messika.

These design choices are beautifully balanced by the brilliant cut diamonds in motion and the round opened cage of the ‘G’. Divinely crafted from white gold, this piece is perfect for everyday use and for every contemporary woman.

Discreet, yet powerful, this bracelet tells a story with its signature diamonds that further add a touch of luxury and femininity to the design. Perfect to enhance any wardrobe, from the most casual to the most formal, this stunning piece can also be worn by itself or alongside other jewellery pieces of the collection.

The Messika Move Addiction Pavé Bracelet can be purchased here and is available for £1,570 or on 0% finance for as little as £26.17 per month.

This collaboration between Messika and Gigi Hadid has resulted in a beautiful collection brimming with elegance, sophistication and a touch of rock n’ roll that is fashionable, inspiring and wearable. Hadid perfectly represents all of Messika’s values with her eye for detail and contemporary taste, as well as a preference for simple and casual style.