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September 4th, 2015

How to Read the Time on the New SEVENFRIDAY V-Series Watch

Horological newcomer SEVENFRIDAY have just announced the latest addition to their range; the V-Series. In keeping with their innovative style, this unusual timepiece features a new style of face, designed to show the time as an industrial gauge. This remarkable feature has led to one question dominating all discussions on its release: exactly how does one use this watch to tell the time?

It is, in fact, rather simpler than you might imagine at a glance.

The hours gauge, showing 0 to 4, is complemented by an inner dial showing +0, +4 or +8. This inner dial effectively acts as the hour hand, and is simply added to the number shown on the hour gauge; so when the +0 aligns with 1, it’s 1 o’clock; when the +4 aligns with the 1, it’s 5 o’clock, and when the +8 aligns with the 1, it’s 9 o’clock.

The single hand on this timepiece indicates the minutes, marked on the outer ring in the traditional manner.

The seconds are indicated in the lower right portion of the face, with a similar “additioner” system to the hours, and should you be unable to see the sky there is a final day/night indicator to tell you whether it’s AM or PM.

In the pictures above, therefore, the time shown is 05:11 and 16 seconds – simple!

Another innovation included with the V-Series watch is the NFC chip in the case back; this enables owners with an NFC-enabled smart phone to simply scan their watch and register it through the SEVENFRIDAY app (available from the end of September). This ensures authenticity and, over time, will allow SEVENFRIDAY to roll out a range of after sales services and community features.


The V-Series encompasses two models; the SEVENFRIDAY V1/01 with a stunning silver/blue colour scheme, and the SEVENFRIDAY V2/01 in grey and gold. Both watches feature the open balance wheel movement Miyota 82S7, with a 40H power reserve, with specially hardened and anti-reflective domed mineral glass on the generously sized 44.3mm x 49.7mm case.

All this combines to make the SEVENFRIDAY V-Series an excellent choice for a first luxury watch, particularly for anyone who wishes to make a real statement with their timepiece. Although the unusual time-telling mechanism may take a little adjustment to those accustomed to a traditional watch or even a digital timepiece, it is essentially straightforward and will very soon become second nature – whilst creating a talking point whenever anybody asks you for the time!

Unfortunately, we do not stock this watch anymore. However, if you are looking for a similar timepiece with a comparable luxurious statement, the team at Banks Lyon would be more than happy to help. We also offer a personal shopper service, which will help you find the right piece for you or a loved one.

For more information on our range of luxury watches, or any of the other pieces in our extensive range, you can contact Banks Lyon on 07395 875 175 (WhatsApp) or visit us in our Lancaster and Kendal stores.

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