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April 12th, 2015

Mark Webber is the New Chopard Ambassador

Recently, it seems as though most of the high-profile activity on the brand ambassador front has been the province of TAG Heuer, but the latest news from Chopard certainly evens the playing field somewhat. Given their passion for motorsport, it should come as no surprise to find that Chopard have looked within this area to find their latest ambassador, and they’ve indubitably settled upon a talented – not to mention beloved – individual. Although he never ascended to the summit of F1 by taking home the driver’s championship, Mark Webber was a famously adept driver, a fiercely gritty competitor and a hugely popular personality, and his new partnership with Chopard is the latest part in this legacy.

Of course, Webber’s pre-existing association with Chopard went far beyond a previous involvement in F1, as after concluding that chapter in his life he entered the world of FIA World Endurance racing, and was part of the famous spectacle that saw Porsche return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You may recall that Chopard played an instrumental role as a partner of Porsche in this premier event, so one may well ask why it took so long to cement an alliance with Webber himself; it’s an entirely natural step.

Webber has already conducted an illuminating interview with Chopard in the aforementioned news story, and his attitude towards timepieces shows that he’s a perfect fit for the Chopard ethos. Prizing reliability, technicality, and daring aesthetics that nevertheless lean towards the classical, Webber’s description of his preferred watches could well have been specifically crafted to describe Chopard, and he has no hesitation in pinpointing the Superfast and L.U.C. collections as personal highlights.

It almost goes without saying that Webber’s selections couldn’t be better balanced, as the Superfast family is a robust accompaniment to life’s more actively-minded pursuits, whilst the L.U.C. is the matchless king of more elegant, dress-focused occasions. To Webber, watches are precious gifts from a loved one, and are something to be treasured, and we defy anyone to not feel the exact same way if they were presented with a Superfast or L.U.C. timepiece! You may recall that this latter range is a favourite with celebrities at the Oscars, so to say it’s popular would be rather an understatement.

However, don’t ever think that either Superfast or L.U.C. timepieces are items that are out of reach, gracing the wrists of globally famous persons and nobody else, as here at Banks Lyon Jewellers we have a generous selection of both, and all are available on 0% finance to be as readily accessible as possible. You can view the respective collections on our Chopard Superfast and Chopard L.U.C. pages, and if something catches your eye, be sure to let us know. Just give our professional and friendly team a call on 01524 38 48 58 and you too can be the owner of your dream timepiece.


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