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December 17th, 2015


woman face with cocktail over christmas lights

Now that we’re deep into the Christmas party season, one of the top concerns on every fashionable lady’s mind is finding a show-stopping outfit – especially important when you’re preparing for the last party of the year!

Once you have found a dress that makes you feel exceptional, the next step is matching up some accessories. This can be something of a fine art; if you don’t want your ensemble to look generic then you need to put some time in and consider a couple of key factors…

Complimentary Colours

Certain colours, such as silver, feel safe because they’re unlikely to cause a colour clash – but while silver can give an absolutely striking effect when seen against the plain canvas of a black outfit, or a dress with a rich block colour, choosing a more unusual item could help to give your look the edge.

Stunning items of jewellery such as the Chopard Imperiale pendant shown below, and found at Banks Lyon for £6,890.00 or on a 0% finance plan of £153.11 per month, can be a much more exciting alternative… but only if you know how to match your colours well.


Luckily, getting it right is simple if you know your colour wheel, which can be used as a shortcut for matching together the perfect shades. The idea is that colours which sit side by side on the wheel will look most attractive when paired together; in the case of the amethyst seen above, this might mean a paler lilac shade or, alternatively, a deep blue.

If you’re interested in causing a stir, you can also choose to clash colours which sit at opposite ends of the wheel for a more dramatic impact.

Patterned or Plain?

Once you’ve decided on a colour ask yourself a simple question: is your dress patterned or plain? This should be a key factor in deciding the style of the jewellery that you want to wear. An elaborate and eye-catching design, such as that of this CARAT* London Silver Vine necklace, is undoubtedly the best choice if you have opted for simple dress as it will add detail to the outfit – this particular option is available from Banks Lyon for £920.00, or on a 0% finance plan of £20.44 per month.

Carat necklace

However, if you have a dress which already boasts its own stunning pattern or design, choosing a necklace – or any other fashion accessory – that is also very detailed may prove overwhelming. In this case, it is more advisable to opt for something simple; try to find something which enhances your outfit but doesn’t overshadow it.

It’s amazing how something as simple as this Rose Gold Bangle, found at Banks Lyon for £425.00 can transform your look, so long as you have matched it to an appropriate garment!

You can get more advice by popping into our Lancaster store, where the Banks Lyon team will be on hand to show you all of the items currently available, including Chopard necklaces and much, much more. If we’re a little out of your way then you are also more than welcome to get in touch online, at 01524 38 10 20, or by connecting with us over Facebook and Twitter.

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