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November 11th, 2014

New Look for the SEVENFRIDAY P1


SEVENFRIDAY were one of the first brands that we unveiled in our recent wave of new releases, but even though we’ve not been stocking their products for all that long, they have already become a valued inclusion within our collection. SEVENFRIDAY is a relative newcomer to the horological world anyway, but their unique aesthetics have helped them to quickly establish a niche all of their own, with the original SEVENFRIDAY P1-1 Automatic watch setting in place a pattern that has been largely followed by every subsequent release.

However, SEVENFRIDAY are obviously not precious about the P1’s status as the forerunner of their watch portfolio, as when the opportunity came about to refine and improve the design a little, they elected to embrace this situation with enthusiasm. This facelift for the P1 will take the form of a slightly different dial with rebalanced colours, but more importantly a brand new animation ring will be introduced. The previous ring was made from aluminium, whereas this forthcoming amendment will instead be crafted from steel. A sandblasted line is also evident down the centre of the ring, so though the general appearance of the P1 remains intact, the re-tuning is undoubtedly very welcome.

Technically, these adjustments, small though they might be, have greatly improved the value of the P1, yet SEVENFRIDAY have already committed to retaining the existing price. Rebranded as the P1B/1, this amended wristwatch will begin to be circulated very soon, although the bulk of the wristwatch will remain the same as the established P1 that has been so well received. The interface retains the silver, rhodium and black aesthetic, as well as the array of finishes, and the open balance wheel still allows the owner to observe the Miyota 82S7 movement as it rotates.

Similarly apparent is the pre-existing 24-hour disc and small seconds function, along with the mineral glass that has been enhanced to provide additional strength. This mineral glass has been treated to be antireflective as well, so all of the usual technical augmentations are still very much in place. All told, this latest incarnation of the P1 looks set to be received with great approval, and perhaps this development even sets a precedent whereby the other members of the SEVENFRIDAY family can expect to be given similar attention in the future.

If you’ve noticed in the past few months that the SEVENFRIDAY P1 was beginning to be reduced in capacity, then you may have wondered exactly what was to become of this wristwatch. Clearly, any concerns have now proved to be unfounded, as all deliveries of the P1 will instead consist of the P1B/1 from early November. If you’d like to place an enquiry about this re-imagined timepiece, then don’t hesitate to contact the Banks Lyon team today. Of course, we also stock a huge array of other SEVENFRIDAY watches too, so give one of our friendly staff team a call on 01524 38 48 58 or email [email protected] if you’d like to find our more.


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