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January 28th, 2016

#OMEGAVIVARIO and Other Charity Watch Campaigns

Omega - Rio

It’s a way off yet, but Omega are already counting down to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics with their #OMEGAVIVARIO campaign – and it’s not just about building up excitement ahead of arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, but about looking for ways to support the Rio de Janeiro community ahead of the games.

Omega say that they are ‘dedicated to giving something back’, and in order to do this they have been launching a different social action every month in the year leading up to the 2016 Olympics themselves; they’re now 6 months through, with their achievements so far including campaigns to help mothers and school children.

We can’t think of any better way to prepare for the sporting event of the year than by watching one of our favourite watch brands give something back – and you can keep an eye on their actions too, by looking out for the #OMEGAVIVARIO tag on social media. This is a great example of a top brand choosing to do something good for the world.

And they’re certainly not the only luxury watch brand to pair a love for fine style with a love for making the world a better place. Another recent example comes from Cartier, who have been running the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards since back in 2006, when it was started with the intention of bringing opportunities to female entrepreneur from across the world, including Europe.

For more information about Cartier’s Women’s Initiative Awards you can take a look at their dedicated site, which also looks at some of the incredibly inspirational women who won the top spots in their 2015 contest.

Elsewhere, watch brands have a long history of using sales of the watches themselves to raise funds for charitable causes. A great example is the stunning Alpina ‘Alpiner’ Chronograph 4, which matches its gorgeous blue detailing with an equally impressive commitment to donating 50 Swiss francs to the ‘Race for Water’ foundation with each and every purchase that’s made.

You can pick up the Alpiner today from Banks Lyon, for £2,390.00, or on a 0% finance plan which costs just £53.11 each month, and know that you’re helping a great brand give to a great cause!

alpina alpiner

Breitling have done a very similar thing with their Battle of Britain timepiece, which doesn’t just commemorate the event itself, but is also used to raise funds for the Royal Air Force benevolent fund, ensuring that it gives something back to those who have been involved in similar events.

We have just one available here at Banks Lyon, available today for £6,480.00 – please get in touch with us if you’d like more information about this special, limited edition watch. In fact, you can contact us today with all of your questions and queries about any of these great products – from Omega watches to stunning Cartier timepieces, we can help to find you the perfect item.

Just give us a call at 01524 38 10 20 or visit us in our Lancaster store; we look forward to hearing from you.

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