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February 1st, 2024

Planning Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

Asking someone to marry you is one of the most exciting, important, and nerve-wracking moments of your life. For many, no matter how long you have spent with your partner, it all comes down to that all-important question. Even though you may be confident that they will say yes, the nerves could get the better of you in the moment. Preparation is the key to make sure everything goes well, no matter how nervous you are, and that your moment is perfect for the two of you.

Whether you are proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower or in the comfort of your own home, planning each and every detail is necessary, but more so than anything else, the ring should be your number one priority. You will present this item to your other half when you ask them to spend the rest of their life with you, so it must be beautiful but, above all else, personal. So, read on to discover how Banks Lyon can help you choose the perfect ring for your Valentine’s Day proposal!

Setting the Mood and Capturing the Moment

Proposing on Valentine’s Day has a natural advantage given the romantic atmosphere, so regardless of your past sentiments about the day and where you plan to propose, you’re guaranteed a special aura. The ideal proposal location should be meaningful to you both, be it where you first dated, your most cherished getaway spot, or a shared dream destination. However, it doesn’t need extravagant travel; even a home proposal can be perfect!

Even though you are sure to remember your proposal for the rest of your life, capturing it with photographs or a video is an excellent idea. Whether you set up secret cameras yourself, employ a photographer or videographer to come in just at the right time, or ask family and friends to whip out their phones, having your moment to look back on is incredibly special.

woman shocked at engagement

It’s All About the Ring

There are endless diamond engagement rings available on the market, but choosing the right one for your partner is key. Purchasing an engagement ring is a significant investment and one of the most expensive jewellery items a person will buy, so as well as the emotion invested in the piece, it’s also a big financial decision.

Taking time to choose the best ring is the best way to prepare for your purchase. Getting married is a life-long commitment; the engagement ring symbolises this, so don’t rush. Once you have your heart set on one, think about it for even longer. If you’re still happy with your choice in a month, two months, or more, it’s the one.

Engagement Rings at Banks Lyon

Here at Banks Lyon, we have an extensive selection of diamond engagement rings in a wide range of styles and prices, so you’re sure to find one you and your partner will love.

What Style of Engagement Ring Should I Choose?

There are several distinctive styles of engagement rings; let’s take a look:

  • Solitaire. A single elegant diamond serves as the focal point of the band.
  • Halo. A central gemstone circled by smaller brilliant cut diamonds exuding radiance.
  • Diamond Shoulder. Additional accent diamonds line the band, enhancing the central diamond.
  • Cluster. Smaller diamonds grouped together, creating the impression of a larger gemstone.
  • Three-Stone. Three diamonds lined up, symbolising a couple’s past, present, and future.

Whatever style you think your loved one would like best, we have here at Banks Lyon. Here is an example of some of the Halo and Cluster rings available:

platinum pear ring yellow gold diamond cluster ring

What Metal Should I Choose for My Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings come in an array of beautiful metals, such as:

  • Platinum. A durable, rich white gleam symbolises enduring love.
  • White Gold. Radiant alternative to platinum. Robust and blended with palladium or nickel.
  • Rose Gold. Its unique, warm pink hue is a blend of gold and copper, perfect for those seeking contemporary romance.
  • Yellow Gold. Traditional, timeless; praised for its classic look and inherent value.

platinum emerald cut ring pear cut diamond ring

Which Diamond Cut Should I Choose?

Choosing the right diamond shape or cut can be difficult because, like metal and style, there are many options:

  • Round Brilliant. A versatile classic offering exceptional sparkle.
  • Oval. This cut presents elegance with a modern twist and lengthens the wearer’s finger.
  • Emerald. This reveals understated sophistication; its mirrored steps showcase the stone’s clarity.
  • Princess. Characterised by its square shape, this cut lends a contemporary edge while maintaining extraordinary brilliance.
  • Pear. This teardrop-shaped stone showcases a unique blend of round and marquise cuts for a distinctive look.

princess cut ring pink sapphire engagement ring

Don’t forget, our engagement rings on finance are the best choice for those who want to surprise their partner with a piece of stunning jewellery but not break the bank while doing so.

Adding Personal Touches

The most important part about any proposal is making it personal. This moment isn’t about anyone else but you and your partner, so make sure that you have all the details planned to perfection. To make your proposal as unique as the two of you, we offer bespoke ring design services, which guarantees that your engagement ring is original. Our expert in-house jewellery designer can sit with you during a private consultation and discuss your needs, wants, and requirements. They will then use this information to advise you on the best route, whether redesigning a pre-existing piece or creating something brand-new.

From there, we can create custom illustrations of your piece and ask for feedback. At this stage, don’t worry if you have any adjustments; we can keep redesigning until you are completely satisfied with the ring. Then, finally, we can create your dream engagement ring ready for your proposal.

If this sounds like a service that would help make your proposal one of the most special and romantic moments of your life, we would be honoured to help. Our team have years of experience helping clients plan their dream proposals, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Whether you wish to discuss a bespoke piece or you are interested in any of the rings featured above, we encourage you to visit our stores to speak with our team. Alternatively, get in touch using our handy Live Chat at the bottom right of our website, or via WhatsApp on 07751 807 041 to get help fast from our team.

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