Rado Watches: The Coupole and the Integral Collections


We are proud to stock a brand as innovative and sophisticated as Rado at our Banks Lyon stores. Rado watches are renowned for their cutting-edge materials, first-rate precision and sleek design. Rado, which were founded in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland, had humble beginnings but quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of watches and movements in the world.

Synonymous with excellence and quality, Rado watches are made from high-end materials such as CeramosTM and come with water-resistant technologies and unconventional styles that have won them over 35 international awards.

We’ve previously talked about two of Rado’s fantastic collections, the HyperChrome and the Centrix; now, we’re taking an in-depth look at two more ranges that the Swiss watchmaker is known for: the Coupole and the Integral.

The Rado Coupole Collection

The Rado Coupole collection is characterised by a beautiful vintage aesthetic as well as first-class performance. With unrivalled elegance and sophistication, this stylish range is perfect for those who appreciate timeless design combined with reliable functionality – and for those who wish to have a fashionable piece capable of matching any outfit choice. The design in the striking Coupole range is inspired by watches from the 60s but comes with a contemporary twist the modern gent and lady can certainly appreciate.

Below, you can find two stunning watches from the Coupole line that beautifully embody Rado’s aesthetic.

Rado Coupole Classic Automatic 37.7 Watch

This gorgeous timepiece takes the style of a traditional wristwatch and adds the characteristic Rado element of sapphire crystal, which offers a brilliant shine, easy readability and top-of-the-line protection against scratches. The stainless steel of the case offers a striking contrast with the vivid blue of the dial and the simple, yet elegant, baton indexes and numerals add another layer of sophistication to an already beautiful watch.

With a self-winding automatic movement and a water-resistance of up to 50 metres, this model isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – it’s also incredibly functional and ideal for the gent who wishes to add a fashionable piece to his wardrobe.

The Rado Coupole Classic Automatic 37.7 watch is available for purchase at Banks Lyon for £985 on 0% finance.

Rado Coupole Classic 34mm Watch

This Rado Coupole Classic model is another watch which has been designed carefully and thoughtfully by the Swiss watchmaker. It comes with a rose gold and PVD 34mm case and bezel, a mother-of-pearl dial and quartz battery. Rado has also added sapphire crystal to this piece, making it durable, sturdy and scratch-resistant.

The polished golden hands and hour markers are the perfect style choice for the mother-of-pearl dial, as the subtle colours and materials add a fashionable touch to the watch. In this model, you can also find a date window at the 3 o’clock position and a moon phase display at the 12 o’clock position. The water-resistance of up to 50 metres is a fantastic finishing touch.

You can find the Rado Coupole Classic 34mm watch at Banks Lyon for only £1,030 on 0% finance.

The Rado Integral Collection

When it comes to the Rado Integral collection, you can expect fine craftsmanship and a sleek, fashionable aesthetic. With the iconic Integral range, released in 1986, Rado introduced high-tech ceramic into watchmaking, which revolutionised the way timepieces looked. Each model in the collection embraces the wrist with sophistication and comfort and emphasises graphic linearity and parallel lines. The range has been recently redesigned and, despite the fact that it remains true to the original models, the updated pieces add a high-tech flair that won’t go unnoticed.

Rado Integral Diamonds 22.7mm Watch

The added allure of diamonds to this redesign has elevated the stylish Integral range to another level. Perfect for ladies seeking a stylish addition to their look, the Rado Integral Diamonds combines the high-tech ceramic introduced in the 80s with a contemporary appeal that’s capable of delighting Rado enthusiasts and attract new fans.

The slim 23mm case is made from steel & PVD and ceramic, and the glossy black dial provides the perfect background for the shimmering numeral-encrusted diamonds on the face of the watch. With a quartz battery, water-resistance of up to 50 metres and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this model is not only fashionable and powerful but also truly unmissable.

The Rado Integral Diamonds 22.7mm watch can be found at Banks Lyon for only £1,845 at 0% finance.

Rado Integral 31mm Watch

Suitable for both ladies and gents, this Rado Integral model comes with a 31mm stainless steel and ceramic case, which houses a powerful quartz movement. The sapphire crystal ensures the protection of the battery, as well as the face. The steel & PVD and ceramic case bracelet is not only comfortable but fashionable as well and will rest comfortably on the wrist of its wearer. The glistening diamond-set numerals add a stunning shine to the black dial.

Also with water-resistance of up to 50 metres, this Rado Integral watch is a must-have for fans of the brand, especially with such a rich heritage behind it.

You can purchase the Rado Integral 31mm watch for £1,920 at Banks Lyon on 0% finance.

Rado aren’t titled Master of Materials for nothing. The brand has revolutionised traditional watchmaking with the introduction of materials such as high-tech ceramic, ultra-light high-tech ceramic, CeramosTM and high-tech diamond. Forward-thinking and innovative, Rado watches are truly unique and perfect for that special person in your life.

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