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April 18th, 2014

Raymond Weil Announces New CEO

Last week, respected Swiss horological brand Raymond Weil announced that they were instating a new figure as CEO of their celebrated watchmaking company. Previously occupied by Olivier Bernheim (see below right), the son-in-law of Raymond Weil himself, the position is now being filled by Bernheim’s own eldest son, Elie. As a grandson of Raymond Weil, the founder of the eponymous brand name in question, Elie Bernheim represents the third generation of Raymond Weil’s family run business, and is just as committed to the continued success of the Raymond Weil name as any of his predecessors.

This change in leadership has taken place a mere matter of months after Raymond Weil passed away, and it may be the case that this sad event has actually instigated the takeover, or perhaps at least played some contributing role. Related or not, Olivier Bernheim will retain his role as President of Raymond Weil, but Elie, having recently spearheaded Raymond Weil’s global strategy, will assume full responsibilities as the CEO as of the 8th April 2014. Olivier’s task as CEO therefore concludes at 18 years at the helm of Raymond Weil, and his legacy of sustainable growth, alongside the preservation of Raymond Weil’s independent family identity, will doubtless be something that Elie looks to build upon in the future.

Elie Bernheim brings with him all the proficiency in watchmaking, marketing and management that one might expect from a descendent of Raymond Weil himself, and his proven reverence of the heritage  of watchmaking is undoubtedly what marked him out as the obvious candidate for the CEO role. Having joined the company in 2006, Elie has been in the inner circle of Raymond Weil for some time, and he has also proven to be highly effective when engaging with the brand’s client audiences in innovative new ways. Because of this, Elie intends to continue his duties in the brand’s marketing department alongside his new role of CEO. Elie retains the proud tradition of arts and musical inspiration that has become so synonymous with Raymond Weil and their watches, possessing a great affinity with both the piano and the cello, and so his assuming leadership is not so much an upheaval, but more a proud ‘passing of the torch’.

Raymond Weil remains a very prominent figure in the world of ocular horology, and is especially beloved by many because it makes quality workmanship available to as wide an audience as possible. At Banks Lyon, we are very much in support of the concept of affordable luxury, hence our numerous options for 0% finance, and so we find ourselves with much in common with Raymond Weil. Because of this, we are very pleased to continue our recent sale of Raymond Weil watches, and urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to gain a reliable and stylish timepiece for a reduced price. We’re more than happy to help you with any specific requests and queries, so call our professional team on 01524 38 48 58 if you would like any further information about our ongoing sale.


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