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July 19th, 2022

Spotlight On: TAG Heuer Senna Special Edition 2022

A new year brings a new Senna Special edition from the Tag Heuer Maison. The Senna Special editions have been adorning fans’ wrists since the early 90s, and this latest model is a stunning addition to the collection.

Honouring the Legend

28 years since his untimely death during the San Marino Grand Prix, fans across the world still consider Ayrton Senna one of the biggest legends of Formula 1. He clocked up 65 Grand Prix pole positions, won over 40 races in his F1 career, and was hailed world champion in 88, 89 and 91. He is one of the most recognised figures for fans of the sport, and he remains to this day one of the most successful brand ambassadors for Tag Heuer.

The partnership between Senna and the brand started in his first World Championship year, 1988, with the racing car driver sporting the brand’s models during races and off the track. The Senna Foundation chose to continue the partnership after the tragic crash that cost Senna his life in 1994 with five different editions between 1994 and 2004, the last one marking ten years since the tragedy. This partnership was rekindled in 2015; since then, yearly models of the Senna Special have been released.

The Tag Heuer Senna Special Edition 2022

This year’s edition could be one of the boldest tributes to the enduring legend of Senna to date. To this day, Senna inspires new racing car drivers, and it’s no surprise that brands want to honour his legacy, especially when they have an established connection with the driver as Tag Heuer do.

This latest model nods to the original Tag Heuer model worn by Senna in the 80s, with its red hues and the mix of these reds with anthracite and black, just like Senna’s iconic S model. Each of the three subdials on the model has red features relating to their usage. The red is present in the crown and the 2 o’clock pusher; at 12 o’clock, you find Senna’s iconic double “S” logo in red, which is again exhibited in the 6 o’clock subdial.

Bringing History to the Modern-Day

Nearly 35 years later, this model harks back to the watch worn by Senna in his 1988 world championship season, but with all the technology expected of the modern-day. The S-Link bracelet, the Valjoux 7750-based calibre 16 chronograph movement and the luminescent hands all show how far the brand has come in those 35 years.

This model is just one of the many Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches available but is a must for anyone who reminisces about the old days of Formula 1 and the passion Senna had for his sport. With its stylish design and fantastic reliability, it is a must for fans across the globe.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 x Senna Special Edition Quartz Chronograph 44mm Watch can be yours for just £2,850 or from as little as £42.75 per month on 0% finance.

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