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July 15th, 2016

TAG Heuer Connected: Q&A with a CEO

What’s the most useful function for you?

I can read my emails, call clients, message people, even use Whatsapp; all without having to take my phone out of my pocket. This is especially important when I’m in a meeting, since it’s rude to take my phone out. I can see whose calling, send a text and reject the call to say I’m in a meeting.

How does the watch help you in your job?

It makes me feel more efficient, hands down. Being the CEO of an internet-based company, it also gives the right impression; cutting-edge technology is so important in my job. It portrays the right image, particularly in client meetings.

How easy is it to use?

Really easy. I was actually surprised at how instinctual it is to use the functions of the watch. Because it’s similar to a smartphone in the way it works, you know what to do with it as soon as you place it on your wrist. Obviously TAG Heuer gave the design and ergonomics of this watch a lot of thought.

How does it compare to your previous watch?

I actually own two more watches; the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, which is sportier, and the Omega De Ville Prestige, which goes incredibly well with a suit. But I don’t feel like the TAG Heuer Connected replaces my other watches – it adds to my collection, although I’m finding myself not wearing the other watches and only wearing this one now. I’ve become a watch collector completely by accident!

How have you customised it?

I love having the default chronograph with the white face although, I’m toying with getting the Iron Man one!

One of the best things about this watch is how I can tailor it to my needs, not just in terms of apps, but also aesthetically. Because it has so many themes and colours at your disposal, available in Google Play, you can pick one that matches your outfit at any given time.

You can connect to business networks like LinkedIn and download anything from health apps to themes and faces.

What’s the one situation that you can’t imagine without your watch?

Meetings! I would miss it the most there, firstly because the notifications on the watch are discreet and spare me having to check my phone, but also because this smartwatch makes a great talking point. As you know, you don’t always talk business, and I find that this TAG Heuer works well to break the ice.

When’s the last time you used a smart feature?

I’ve checked my watch four times while we’ve been speaking!

What three words would you best use to describe your watch?

Slick, cool and… geek!

What would you say to someone who was considering the TAG Heuer Connected?

My answer would be… get connected. Anyone who’s on the go and needs to access emails or send messages will benefit from this smartwatch, it’s brilliant for productivity. If I’m honest, it brings out that secret desire to be James Bond or a superhero! You find yourself responding to texts and WhatsApp with the voice recognition.

The TAG Heuer Connected is proof that watch technology is advancing in great leaps, and that both you and your business can take advantage of its incredibly useful features in your everyday life.

In Vilayte’s words:

“Knowing Tag Heuer collaborated with Google and Intel gave me the absolute confidence and peace of mind to purchase this watch; you know it’s not just a gimmick.”

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