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February 27th, 2015

The Alpina 130th Anniversary Watch


Although the Alpina brand name has evolved a lot over the years, it can actually trace its roots all the way back to 1883, when many of the foundational projects in ocular horology were being refined. Such a rich and long-standing history has traversed many milestones over the years, but the 130th anniversary mark is something that‘s still a relatively fresh chapter in Alpina’s story. Seeing as we’ve just acquired their anniversary timepiece for you to purchase, we thought we’d take a closer look…

The Alpina Pilot Heritage 130 Watch

As you’ll see from the video above, this timepiece – bearing the appropriate name of ‘Alpina 130’ – is a genuine beauty. Taking the form of a classical Alpina Startimer, this chronograph carries an attractively antiquated appearance, courtesy of a gold and black colour scheme. However, this choice also suggests a definite sense of splendour, which is very apt, given the anniversary that it’s commemorating. Plenty of other classical elements are included too, including a vintage ‘Bi-compax’ chronograph pattern, and the telemeter and tachymeter scales that are staples within aviation.

Another unusual feature is the ‘glass box’ sapphire crystal, although it comes with all of the usual treatments – like anti-reflective coating – that the modern world demands. The crystal construction of this glass box is perfect for harnessing the innate glamour that’s offered by natural light, and some truly glorious contrasts are enabled as a result of this inclusion. Despite this, no legibility is ever lost, even when the surrounding light is positioned at a potentially awkward angle, and, as an aside, the construction is exceptionally robust, so the balance between form and function is assured.

Order Now to Beat the Price Increase

Boasting a superb exhibition caseback and a sleek black leather strap, this gold-plated Alpina is water resistant to 50 metres and is powered by an automatic movement. Retailing at just £2,280, the Alpina Pilot Heritage 130 watch can be yours today for just 36 monthly payments of £50.67 and a 20% deposit. Considering the significant connotations of this wristwatch, not to mention the workmanship that’s gone into such a capable automatic timepiece, this is an eminently accessible cost, and is definitely something that we urge you to take advantage of, and preferably soon.

We say this because the prices of all Alpina watches are set to be increased on 1st of March. Because of that, you can’t bank upon this 130 timepiece still retailing for the same price after that date, so there really is no time like the present. Don’t forget that we have a colossal range of other Alpina watches in store too, and the same rings true with them; why not express your interest now to avoid the affect of the price increase? If you’d like to learn more, contact us today by calling 01524 38 48 58.


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