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June 14th, 2024

The Complete Father’s Day Watch Gift Guide

Father’s Day is almost upon us, so now is the ideal time to start thinking of a beautiful gift that your father will treasure forever. Few things are as special as a watch tailored to his personality, so to help you choose one that is functional, practical and, of course, very personal, we have gathered a selection of timepieces that, undoubtedly, offer a gorgeous gift for this special occasion.

Regardless of your dad’s interests, a watch is an excellent gift choice. But with so many options available, we are here to help you find the perfect timepiece to wrap up this Father’s Day.

The Technology Enthusiast

For dads who always have the latest smartphone, don’t ask for help when setting up a new TV, or never fail to get their full face in a video call, a watch with the latest technology is crucial. Since Apple first introduced them in 2015, smartwatches have been a hot topic, but they have come a long way. Now, many of the luxury watch brands we know and love haveGarmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) – Sapphire Edition taken on this technology so dads can embrace the tech whilst adorning a watch brand they are familiar with.

Take the Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) – Sapphire Edition, pictured right, for example. It has impressive technological functionality, including a range of navigational features and various map elements for golfing, skiing, hiking, and more. Of course, like most other modern smartwatches, you can receive social media and text notifications through this device, so tech-savvy dad can keep in the know by looking at his wrist. Its design is understated; unlike other smart timepieces, these Garmin watches are classic-looking, with a Chestnut leather band. This is truly the perfect watch for modern fathers.

The Classic Dad

IWC watches are fantastic choices for the father who loves classic and timeless design. Crafted with thorough attention to detail and precision engineering that sets the bar incredibly high, IWC truly stands out in the horology world. Superior quality and a rich tradition are part of IWC’s values, with their motto, Probus Scafusia, exemplifying their quest for extraordinary craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics.

Offering a comprehensive selection of timepieces that combine genuine functionality with superb precision, such as their perpetual calendar that only needs a one-day adjustment every 577.5 years, IWC watches will last a lifetime and more.

IWC Pilots Watch Mark XX

Image: IWC Pilots Watch Mark XX, available from Banks Lyon for £5,050 or just £42.80 per month with 0% finance.

The Vintage Enthusiast


For the father who is passionate about history, Breitling watches are excellent because of their rich aviation heritage. The brand’s dedication to reliable high performance has made it a leader in chronograph complications. After all, they manufacture their own unique Swiss mechanical chronograph movement, which is renowned for its precision around the world.

With sleek and stunning designs that combine technical skill and expertise with vintage appeal, Breitling has guaranteed its place in global luxury horology as an expert in technical watches. For example, pictured left is the limited edition Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Tribute to Vaught F4U Corsair watch. This timepiece takes inspiration from the Corsair, a WWII naval aircraft that was famous for its speed, lift, and impressive handling during tricky manoeuvres. Whether your dad is fascinated by watchmaking history, WWII anecdotes, or aviation in general, this is an exceptional choice.

The Sports Mad Dad

The sporty father will love a sporty watch. Luckily for him, there are plenty of options to suit all personal styles and preferences, but we would like to highlight both TAG Heuer watches and OMEGA watches in this category.

TAG formula 1

For instance, a TAG Formula 1 watch is a great option for F1 fans. With their bold colours, flashy designs, and reliable accuracy, there is no better choice for dads who like to keep their eyes on the track. We are proud to offer a range of these racing-inspired watches here at Banks Lyon, so you are sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best option this Father’s Day.

Alternatively, if your dad is a general sporting man and struggles to choose a favourite game to back, the Olympics watches from OMEGA might be a better choice.

Pictured above are the Paris 2024 OMEGA watches, which all come with an impressive commemorative box, so you don’t even need to worry about gift wrapping. While these watches may be on the higher end of the luxury watch price scale, you will be pleased to know that we offer flexible OMEGA watches on finance for some of the models from this collection. This way, you can split the cost and choose a deposit that works for you, meaning dad can get a gift he will love, and you won’t break the bank to make his Father’s Day.

The Fashionable Father

For the modern gentleman who loves to complement his fashionable outfit with a stylish timepiece on his wrist, choosing a watch that accentuates his unique sense of fashion is important.

Cartier has long since catered to the fashionable man with iconic timepieces that stand out for their distinguished aesthetics. Crafted with high-end materials and a timeless appeal that offers an art deco elegance, Cartier watches have become a symbol of style and luxury.

Classy and radiating glamour, Cartier watches are tasteful and masculine, perfect for gifting the fashion-conscious father who seeks a refined timepiece to complement his sophisticated wardrobe.

Tank Louis Cartier Large Model

Image: Tank Louis Cartier Large Model available at Banks Lyon for £11,000 or just £91.66 per month with 0% finance.

The beauty of the luxury watch world is that there is a timepiece for every man. At Banks Lyon, we have a vast selection of watches that make wonderful gifts this Father’s Day, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about them or visit our showrooms to speak to our team before purchasing.

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