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June 17th, 2016

The Effortless Style of Longines and Royal Ascot

Longines and the Royal Ascot


Just as important as the dress code are the stunning watches and jewellery pieces worn by the Royal Ascot guests. Longines, the Swiss watchmaker known for their sophisticated, reliable timepieces, and connection to equestrian sports, have once again showcased their dedication to this race as its official partners.

The brand celebrated Caravaggio’s victory in the Coventry Stakes by awarding its owner, trainer, jockey and lad with watches from their Longines Master Collection, a truly stunning set of timepieces that are perfect to be worn every day. Her Royal Highness Princess Anne was also honoured by the brand in a ceremony held in the Natural History Museum, further showcasing the link between Longines and the Royal Family.

A Style for Everyone, Everywhere

Longines is passionate about fashion and style, which was evidenced by their contest of the Most Elegant Ladies – an illustration of how style and sophistication can be part of a sporting event.

And the brand’s fashion sense isn’t just limited to the stunning wardrobe seen so far in this event. Longines Master Collection is a gorgeous example of how fashion and style can complement the world of sports. This quintessential collection illustrates the brand’s attention to detail, as well as the accuracy of their timekeeping.

The GMT World Time Watch, available at Banks Lyon for just £4,190, is a perfect example of these characteristics, with its impressive, luxurious design and precision.

Perfection such as that demonstrated by Longines’s watches can be transported from the racecourse to your everyday life. The exquisite nature of the watches extends to their appearance, which add a stylish and refined look to their wearers.

They also add a touch of luxury to every wardrobe, and they’re capable of complementing any outfit, whether at work or for an evening out. With subtle colours accentuated by a clean, tasteful design, the watches in Longines Master Collection truly live up to their name.

The Ambassador of Elegance: Simon Baker


With his attitude of self-assured confidence, it’s fair to say here is no one better to represent the class, style and sophistication of Longines’ watches than Simon Baker, an Australian Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor with a broad repertoire under his name. Baker fully represents the brand’s core values and their motto of ‘Elegance is an Attitude’, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he’s been part of Longines since 2012.

Longines prides itself on its constant dynamism and drive for self-improvement, as well as their elegant and graceful style with the luxury of their timepieces. Tradition and precision are also at the core of its stunning watches, which can be used by anyone, anywhere.

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