Tissot and the World of Solar Powered Watches

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In our last feature, we brought you several examples from our established range of Tissot T-Touch watches, and one doesn’t have to look too closely to see that this particular watch family is offering something rather unique within the world of luxury Swiss watches. However, despite Tissot’s status as a leading figure in the tactile technology industry, there is more to the T-Touch range than initially meets the eye. For example, we mentioned how one of our featured Tissot watches exhibited solar-powered capabilities, and this sort of technology represents another interesting field in its own right.

Solar-Powered Watches

Solar power within watches has been around for quite some time, and many of the earliest timepieces to incorporate solar power in the 1970s had to be almost entirely designed with this new innovation in mind. Following this, solar-powered watches proved to be a popular niche-market with many young people, but the inexorable advance of solar technology now means that solar-enhanced timepieces are far less of an oddity, and are instead widely incorporated within the portfolios of many respected watchmakers.

Tissot is one of the highest-profile figures in the Swiss horological industry to utilise solar-power, and it has carved out a niche all of its own by melding this desirable feature with tactile screens and interfaces. In fact, Tissot holds the distinction of being the very first name in watchmaking to create solar-powered touch screens for their watches, so they certainly aren’t afraid to break new ground in this area. Furthermore, one of Tissot’s most intriguing releases from earlier this year conforms to this pattern, so this combination of cutting-edge expertise and technology is clearly part of their current focus.

The watch in question wasn’t included in our previous article on the Tissot T-Touch family, so we thought that we’d therefore spend a little time looking at this relatively recent introduction; the T-Touch Expert Solar. As we’ve mentioned, the touch screen uses solar power in its design, and each and every ray of light on the dial not only enables the SuperLuminova details to glow – as is the case on most high-end wristwatches – but it also recharges the watch itself. Additionally, the quartz movement has been designed with an accumulator charge indicator, so the owner never needs to speculate as to the charge level.

Of course, as attractive as the solar-powered and tactile inclusions are, other functions are also needed for a timepiece to truly excel, and the T-Touch Expert Solar undeniably has a lot to offer, all the while upholding the style decisions of previous T-Touch watches. The user can access a perpetual calendar, a day of the week indicator, weekday and weekend alarms, twin time-zones, the weather forecast, an altimeter, a chronograph, a compass, a timer and a backlight – to name but a selection of the available features – so it truly is optimised for almost every situation that modern life can throw at it.

As if this weren’t enough, the ergonomic profile of the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch enables any adjustment to be made extremely easily, whilst all of the usual augmentations, like a 100 metre water resistance, an anti-magnetic case and a choice of contemporary straps, are also on offer. When all is taken into account, this extremely dynamic timepiece perfectly demonstrates just how far solar-power has come in the field of ocular horology, and it can be yours today from Banks Lyon Jewellers for just £795.

To accompany this T-Touch Expert Solar, Tissot also unveiled a Tissot T-Touch Lady Solar watch. Possessing similarly impressive capabilities and a far softer aesthetic, this ladies timepiece retails for £630, and is similarly obtainable from Banks Lyon. If you’d like further information about the availability of any of our Tissot watches, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01524 38 48 58 or sending an email to today. We’ll always be pleased to assist you.