Tissot’s Tour de France: Special Collection

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As the new Official Timekeeper of the Tour de France, Tissot delivers its traditional sophistication to the world’s biggest cycling event with a special collection. The prevalent white, yellow, and black colours tie the collection together, providing beautiful and elegant timepiece options. The gorgeous casebacks have the Tour de France logo, providing a sophisticated touch to this special collection.

Tissot PRC 200 Tour de France Special Edition 2016

Tissot’s connection to the world of sports is clearly visible through the PCR 200 Tour de France Special Edition 2016. With an impressive 20 bar water resistance, this gents’ watch is suitable for skin diving and high impact water sports. The sturdy 316L stainless steel case material ensures your timepiece always looks its best, an important feature for an active wearer and water sports enthusiast.

A black and yellow synthetic strap provides a strong, water resistant option for a long lasting watch. Tissot’s watchmaking experience is noticeable in the Swiss Made Quartz ETA G10.211 movement, ensuring your watch works splendidly. With an index and Arabic numeral display, you can easily read the time and not get distracted as you practise your favourite sport.

Time your record swimming with a 30-minute, a 1/10 of a second, and a central 60-seconds chronograph hand counters that will easily and clearly help you record your events up to 30 minutes with the aid of stop and start functions, ADD (partial times), and the SPLIT functions (intermediate times).

Tissot T-Race Tour de France 2016

Available in both black and white, the T-Race Tour de France watch is an exquisite timepiece. Whether you prefer the White Mother of Pearl rubber bracelet and display or the more discrete Black Carbon rubber bracelet and display version, this watch is sure to guarantee you a sturdy, 100m water resistant choice for your swimming routine.

With a g10.212 movement calibre and a measure of hours, minutes, and seconds, you will always arrive on time. The stunning sapphire crystal glass, second only to diamond’s hardness, ensures a scratch resistant surface for an everyday use

Tissot PR 100 Tour de France 2016

The Particularly Robust PR 100 watch has a classic design, perfect for transitioning from an office environment to a sports life. Your valuable time has been carefully considered and thought of, ensuring that every second is counted with astonishing precision due to the three counters of its G10.211 movement (1/10 second, 60 seconds, and 30 minutes).

Both the case and the bracelet’s stainless steel build assures you have a sturdy timepiece, capable of withstanding water up to 100m without losing its stunning shine. The grey colour complements the functionality of a versatile watch.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Tour de France 2016

For the biggest sports enthusiast, Tissot has combined its traditional, expert watchmaking with innovative precision to ensure your watch is as equipped as an athlete’s. The T-Touch Expert Solar touch functions are technology innovations that will give you a reliable companion on a sports adventure, in the form of a watch.

The incorporated barometer function provides a display of weather changes through the hands and the adjustable relative air pressure of the digital display (hpa), so you are never caught unaware of sudden rainstorm with relative and absolute air pressure readings.

Countdown in hours, minutes, or seconds with the reliable built-in timer, and adjust your departure with the audible signal that lets you have a race chronograph on your wrist. So you never miss the start of a race with your friends or your usual wake-up time, Tissot has incorporated two 24-hour alarms with audible signals that are easy to utilise. Measure your lap times to the hundredth of a second with the chrono lap function, and measure the total racing time of a 99 metres race with the chrono split function.

If you’re a heights enthusiast and prefer to live your adventures to the extreme, you can make use of the adjustable display that shows the altitude above sea level, in both metres and feet. You also have the option of a stopwatch that displays a cumulative time of altitude, allowing you to know its gain or loss in metres or feet and the average ascent and descent speed in metres and feet per second.

As an adventurer and explorer, travelling light is important. The T-Touch Expert Solar watch has your needs in mind with a compass showing a true north direction by using magnetic north and also the adjustable declination to either east or west. You can also adjust the azimuth to show the heading at the 12 o’clock mark and the minute hand showing the north.

Tissot T-Race Touch Tour de France Special Edition 2016

Celebrating the important event of becoming the Official Timekeeper for the Tour de France, Tissot’s T-Race Touch is a special edition with a multitude of function especially designed for your convenience and ease of use, both for sports and everyday life.

With an aluminium case and a sapphire crystal with scratch resistant abilities, your watch is guaranteed to be a sturdy choice. You are assured to have a reliable timepiece that displays a second Time Zone, perfect for a travelling businessman. Running from the office to the outdoors is easy with this sophisticated Tissot watch; the compass assures you never get lost, and the tide function will let you enjoy going to the beach with peace of mind.

Whether you enjoy keeping active during the day or during the night, the T-Race Touch’s backlight function will allow you to view the perpetual calendar and the time with ease. A true example of a versatile timepiece that you can always count on.