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August 16th, 2021

What Makes TAG Heuer Watches so Good?

You have so many different options when searching for your first or next watch, such as brand-new pieces or pre-owned watches, as well as watches from a wide range of luxury brands. Some people choose to buy all their timepieces from the same watchmaker, while others enjoy diversifying their collection – but all want to purchase a high-performance watch that will last a lifetime.

TAG Heuer fits into this by providing precise, high-tech and avant-garde pieces that seek to break conventions and push boundaries. Take a look at what makes TAG Heuer watches so sought after and why you should consider this brand for your next piece.

Is a TAG Heuer a Good Watch?

TAG Heuer is synonymous with quality. The company has been creating durable and technically-complex pieces since 1860, and its watches have been used everywhere from land and water to space. In fact, TAG Heuer became the first Swiss watchmaker to have one of its pieces in space when John Glenn wore a stopwatch on the Mercury Atlas 6.

The reason behind choosing a TAG Heuer for the mission was that the brand’s watches are reliable and capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions. TAG Heuer is also the official timekeeper for many world-class sports events, such as Formula 1, meaning you can expect a high degree of precision.

Which TAG Heuer Watch Should I Buy?

Are you in the market for a TAG Heuer but not entirely sure which piece is for you? The company manufactures watches that are perfect for your individual lifestyle, offering many different styles, sizes, colours, materials and features.

This means you can find a piece that matches your preferences, so knowing which TAG Heuer to buy will depend on what you’re looking for.

If you want a sporty watch, why not look at the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches, which come with unrivalled precision and combine a sleek design with performance. If you’re looking to stay on top of your fitness more efficiently, then one of TAG Heuer’s Connected watches may be the right option instead. Their innovative and cutting-edge design offers features like GPS and distance tracking.

For a classic touch, you can browse the TAG Heuer Monaco watches. These models have a rich heritage. Since their introduction in 1969 to celebrate the Monaco Grand Prix race, they’ve risen in popularity after Steve McQueen wore one in the 1970 film Le Mans.

If you can’t be sure which watch is best for you, our personal shopper service will help, so get in touch.

How to Spot a Fake TAG Heuer Watch

The first thing to ensure that you’re always getting a genuine watch, be it TAG Heuer or any other brand, is to buy it from an official retailer, like Banks Lyon.

All our watches are genuine, so you just need to check the serial number, for instance, to know for sure. TAG Heuer serial numbers are a combination of two or three letters and four numbers and are unique to each model. The protective crystal will always be sapphire, and the TAG Heuer logo will be placed perfectly on the dial.

There are many other ways to tell whether you have a genuine watch and you can verify all those details when you try on watches in an official stockist.

TAG Heuer watches are stylish, practical and high-tech (not to mention highly precise), and you’ll find the piece that best matches your lifestyle and preferences at Banks Lyon. Whether you want a sportier model or a dress watch you can wear every day, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Lancaster and Kendal stores for more information and to chat with a member of staff in person.

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