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January 21st, 2016

What’s Your Watch Personality? (Part One)


As those of you who have visited our store since the refurbishment will already know, we’re now very lucky to have a boutique style set-up which allows for the individual personality of each brand to shine through. You also might have heard us talk a lot about making sure that you find the watch manufacturer that matches up best to your own personality when you’re trying to find the ideal watch.

But what actually are these personalities? We’ve decided to take a look at the mottos and memorable attributes of a few of our favourite watch manufacturers, to help you match them up with your own watch personality.


Chopard Superfast Gold

Chopard define themselves by a series of values, including ‘independence’, ‘respect’ and ‘audacity’. These are very clearly the values of a company that is not afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to the cutting edge of fashion.

Their Superfast watch is a fantastic example of this personality: daring both in design, and in its use of a power reserve indicator to keep the wearer in control. We are currently retailing this model for £18,520.00, with 0% finance plans available from £411.56 per month.

For fashion connoisseurs with no fear.


Whether you love watching James Bond flicks, following the incredible athletes at the Olympics, or advocating for the future of our environment, Omega are on your side. With their support covering so many different and varied bases, you might think it would be difficult to pin down their persona – but what all of these things have in common for Omega is the technology of the future.

The De Ville Series of watches shows how effortlessly they reflect this interest through simple yet sophisticated designs, and the stunning blue and silver model pictured is currently available from Banks Lyon for £2,350.00. You can also choose a 0% finance plan, with options starting at £52.22 per month.


For pioneers with their finger on the pulse.


Although all watch manufacturers have an interest in both heritage and innovation, it’s fair to say that Bremont spend more time looking to the past than many other companies on this list. With strong ties to aviation and the military, many of their watches commemorate great events and adventures from the past.

This stunning Wright Brothers watch is a perfect case in point, and at £27,950.00 it earns its price tag by incorporating genuine parts from the brothers’ 1903 flying machine. Like a well aged bottle of whisky, Bremont represent the perfect coming together of the past and present, as well as the finer things in life.


For classy ladies and gents with a classic style.

That’s all we have time for today, but keep an eye on the blog for information about many of the other big brand personalities. In the mean time, you can contact us today or visit our store to find out more about our Bremont, Omega and Chopard watches – or any of our other brands.

Call us at  01524 38 10 20 for more information, or come and find us over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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