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Lab Grown Diamond Rings & Jewellery

Lab Grown Diamond Rings & Jewellery

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What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Diamonds have been linked with love for a long time. The first diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477, which led to the trend of engagement rings across Europe.

Diamonds continue to be a popular stone and not just for engagement rings; however, people are now opting for lab-grown diamonds instead of natural ones. In recent years, the trend has shifted towards more ethical purchases, as lab-grown diamond rings don’t have the same environmental and human cost that mined diamonds do.

There aren’t many differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural ones. They’re just as real and durable (and have a carbon structure), but merely have different origins. Another reason why they’re so popular is that they’re more affordable than their mined counterparts.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings offer great value and affordability, and can be purchased in any colour, clarity and cut you desire as well.

Why Purchase a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

We’re proud to offer a vast selection of lab-grown diamond rings, suitable for many individual tastes and budgets. Our lab-grown diamonds are just as high-quality as natural diamonds and certified by the International Gemological Institute using the same rigorous standards.

So, you don’t have to worry about your beloved’s engagement ring becoming cloudy or damaged over time. Lab-grown diamond rings are just as durable and will last a lifetime and more.

If ethics is a concern, then you can rest assured that our lab-grown diamond engagement rings are better for the planet because they don’t deplete natural resources nor do they damage ecosystems. Natural diamonds are often associated with unethical labour practices and terrible work conditions, and used to finance war efforts.

You don’t have this concern with our lab-grown diamond rings.

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings at Banks Lyon

At Banks Lyon, you can find many lab-grown diamond engagement rings in different styles, including the classic solitaire rings that will never go out of fashion. These lovely pieces of jewellery are the perfect choice for those who want something timeless, yet modern, at the same time.

Our radiant collection of lab-grown diamond rings also includes brilliant cut stones, one of the most popular cuts due to the way it makes the diamond shine.

So, if you’re looking for a sparkling ring for that perfect proposal, we can help. Our friendly and expert team can advise you every step of the way, so you’ll be confident that you’ve made the right decision. We can also provide you with all the information you need on our lab-grown diamond engagement rings or any other pieces of jewellery we stock, so don’t hesitate to speak to us at any time.

What’s more, Banks Lyon also offers 10% off our wedding rings when you buy a diamond engagement ring with us. You get lifetime free cleaning and polishing services, so the ring will always look its best. Check out our Buyers’ Guide to Engagement Rings, which will help you find the perfect ring for your partner.

Purchase Your Way

Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t be stressful so, at Banks Lyon, we aim to simplify it and make your life as easy as possible.

This is why we offer a 0% finance option for those who don’t want to pay the full price upfront, as it lets you spread the cost of your lab-grown diamond ring over several months without interest. This option is available on pieces over £500 and you can start with a deposit as low as 10%.

Contact Banks Lyon for More Information

If you have any questions about our lab-grown diamond engagement rings, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We have a wide range of jewellery at your disposal, so browse our website to see what we have to offer. You can also chat to us on WhatsApp (07395 875 175) – we’ll be happy to help with anything you need.

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