2014 – The Year of the Horse

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The Chinese New Year celebrations are a source of fascination for many people around the world, and the association of each particular year with an animal is an equally beloved practice. One of the most attractive ways that many choose to honour the Chinese animal for the year is by way of aesthetical decisions, and it surely can’t be any coincidence that a good few watch and jewellery brands have chosen to incorporate equestrian themes into their designs over the last 12 months.

Recently, The Telegraph discussed this topic in some detail, referencing a number of popular houses that have embraced equestrian-inspired jewellery or horology pieces in 2014. Some of these undertakings have been especially lavish, including Cartier’s gemstone encrusted adornments on the recent Santos-Dumont timepiece, whilst others have been more subtle in nature. A prime example of this latter approach can be seen in the workmanship of Italian fashion giant Gucci, as whilst the motif of a horse can’t be found in their 2014 collection, a strongly related blueprint certainly can.

As you’ve probably guessed, the Gucci Horsebit assemblage is the collection that we’re referencing, and it shouldn’t take more than a cursory glance to see that the equestrian themes within this family are apparent in more than just the moniker. Crafted from sleekly polished stainless steel, the Horsebit selection of watches takes inspiration from the distinctive design of a horsebit (see above-right), and this association continues when you look at the bracelet as well. The bangle aesthetic has clearly been formed with a horseshoe firmly in mind, so although an actual horse emblem is nowhere to be seen, it would be difficult to argue that the collection hasn’t taken inspiration from ‘The Year of the Horse’.

Here at Banks Lyon, we currently have a trio of Horsebit timepieces in stock, and each of these finely crafted watches offers something a little different. The first of these watches is a Gucci Horsebit Blue Mother of Pearl watch, and as the name suggests the mother of pearl has been washed with a high-class blue tint to create a strong contrast with the clean stainless steel. Retailing at just £675, this timepiece is also on offer for 24 monthly instalments of £25.31 and a 10% deposit.

The second Gucci Horsebit Mother of Pearl ladies’ watch that we have conforms to a lighter colour scheme, as the mother of pearl has been left with its traditional hues intact. To add an extra touch of style though, three diamonds have been set into the dial, so this variant is no less gorgeous than the former wristwatch. Priced the same as the blue mother of pearl Horsebit watch, this is a supremely elegant bangle wristwatch, and one of our personal favourites.

Finally, we have one last Gucci Horsebit ladies’ watch that has been decorated with a toned brown dial, and the addition of Roman Numerals to this seamless face has really lent the timepiece a sense of classical – almost antique – splendour. A veritable steal at just £575, this eye-catching watch is also accessible on 0% finance for 24 monthly payments of £21.56 alongside a 10% deposit.

All of these splendid Gucci watches come with precision quartz movements, sapphire crystal protection and robust warranties as standard, so you can be assured that each and every one of them will remain exemplary in terms of performance too. It’s not yet too late to join in with the horological ‘Year of the Horse’, so if you’d like to find out more about our suitable watch and jewellery options, don’t hesitate to contact us now by calling 01524 38 48 58 or send an email to Our helpful team will be delighted to help with your query.