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April 19th, 2015

Majesty and Sophistication – the Chopard Imperiale

Here at Banks Lyon Jewellers, it goes without saying that we love our watches, and because we have such an expansive collection, we’re never short of something to speak about. However, our sheer selection of luxury timepieces does mean that we physically can’t discus everything at once, and that means that some assemblages inevitably receive more blog time than others. The Chopard Imperiale family is a great case in point; we’ve touched upon the range in the past, but not in much depth, and certainly not for a significant time. However, as Chopard are themselves showcasing the Imperiale collection on their website at present, what finer excuse could we ask for to remedy that fact?

The hallmark of the Imperiale is undoubtedly sophistication, and the key to that is a sense of classical simplicity. Few things can attain sophistication without relying upon a sense of innate style; the beauty of the Imperiale collection is in simplicity – it doesn’t have to strive to achieve a feeling of real majesty, as it’s within the assemblage’s very being. Other hallmarks in the Imperiale selection include amethyst cabochons; a feature that’s usually pear-shaped and briolette-cut to perfection.

The family contains both gents’ and ladies’ wristwatches, but its breadth is undoubtedly shown in the ladies’ variants. Chopard claims that their feminine Imperiale watches – sometimes known under the telling moniker of ‘Empress’ – are ‘matched to a moment, a look, a magic’, and whilst that might sound somewhat enigmatic, it’s very true. One look at the complete collection will doubtless reveal something that’s the ideal complement to any occasion, superbly balanced to enhance any look you might choose to adopt, and the timepieces – without exception – do possess an indefinable magic.

Imperial watches are Cartier through and through, with smoothly rounded cases, refined sword-shaped hands and elaborate Roman numerals. However, this is also a range where Cartier has really chosen to flex their creative muscles at times, unleashing a veritable cascade of breathtaking design forms that can never be forgotten once seen. Just take a look at this particular favourite of ours…

If you can think of a better word to describe this Imperiale watch than a plain and simple ‘stunning’, then you’re more eloquent that we are! The cornerstone of this watch’s aesthetic is 18 carat rose gold, but it also boasts the ethereal glamour of mother of pearl, a coruscating halo of sapphires and diamonds around the dial, and an opulent purple leather strap. The finished effect is a watch where the divisions in colour are almost seamless; almost after the fashion of a gloriously plumed bird. You can see the different colours clearly enough, but can’t quite pinpoint where one ends and another begins. What’s more, despite the royal appearance of this watch, it’s perfectly within your reach.

This mesmerising and almost unique Chopard Imperiale 40 mm timepiece is available from Banks Lyon, and you only have to give us a call to place an enquiry about the price. Furthermore, you can visit our Chopard Imperiale page to peruse our entire collection, with models starting from just £3,300, and various options for 0% finance in place to purchase your favourite watch in manageable instalments. See something you like? Or have a question about any of the Chopard watches in our stock? Call our amicable team today on 01524 38 48 58 and we’ll be delighted to assist you.


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