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June 15th, 2014

New Range Available Now: SEVENFRIDAY Watches

The Banks Lyon collection is already unparalleled within the North West in terms of the breadth of luxury watches that it contains, but despite that status we’re still always looking to bring you the newest and most exciting timepieces within the world of ocular horology. Acquiring a whole new range is a significant announcement for our independent family-owned business to make, and that’s why we are so very proud to introduce you to our brand new family of SEVENFRIDAY watches.


SEVENFRIDAY is an exciting new watch brand that was founded in Zurich, Switzerland. Started by Daniel Niederer in May 2012, these timepieces may be relatively new to the watchmaking world, but they have already been garnering an awful lot of attention of late, especially on the internet, where horological connoisseurs have been particularly taken with their unique aesthetics.

What Makes Them Different?

Mechanical watchmaking is the mainstay of the luxury watch industry, and, despite many variations, the same basic form remains fairly constant even between timepieces of different brands. This is not a negative aspect, as the conventional watch dial has proved to possess such longevity for good reason, but it is still refreshing to see a brand that elects to go against the grain. SEVENFRIDAY is one such brand, eschewing the traditional aesthetics of a watch in favour of an ‘industrial’ flavoured theme that offers a whole new way for the user to interact with time, without becoming any less functional.

What Do They Offer?

The SEVENFRIDAY range initially consisted of several diverse takes upon the same basic design, classified according to the categories of P1, P2 and P3. The P1 range possesses 316L grade stainless steel cases, whilst the P2 and P3 timepieces boast PVD treatments with additional accents of varying hues, but regardless of the exact model the SEVENFRIDAY watches are all very recognisably from the same collection.

Each SEVENFRIDAY watch case is essentially square in form, but with substantially rounded corners and subtly curved sides, and actually when you scrutinise one of these timepieces you’ll see that there are very few straight edges on display. These watches are not chronographs, so there is only one crown on the right hand side of the case, but the engraved casebacks include an array of details relating to the watch’s dimensions, water resistance and the specifications of the automatic movement, so there is no shortage of technicality to observe.

SEVENFRIDAY claim to be inspired by machinery, and all their current timepieces include Miyota movements that uphold that attitude with aplomb. However, it’s the five-layered dial upon SEVENFRIDAY watches that is instantly appealing. Initially appearing highly convoluted, the legibility of these timepieces is actually very commendable. The minute hand is the nucleus of the dial, with a triangular indicator on one side to assist in telling the exact time, along with an hour hand that protrudes from beneath the skeletal minute hand. Underneath these hands, there is a 5 o’clock dial for small seconds, and a 9 o’clock counter for 24-hour time, and at the base of the dial lies an open balance wheel aperture. Many mechanical watches possess a exhibition caseback, but with a front facing window you can appreciate the inner engineering of a timepiece without having to remove it, making it an attractive addition to an already inimitable range of watches.

Each currently available SEVENFRIDAY watch is completed by a hardened and anti-reflective mineral crystal, a decorative packaging case in the style of an industrial ‘crate’ and a padded leather strap that allows these robust timepieces to adhere to the wrist with ease. Whilst the dimensions of these watches won’t allow them to be worn discreetly under a sleeve, there is very little reason to hide such distinct watches anyway, and if you want your watch to be a statement-piece then you couldn’t do any better than the work of this young and vibrant watch brand.

Available at Banks Lyon

We’re delighted to say that we have the full range of SEVENFRIDAY watches in stock at Banks Lyon, and you may be surprised to learn that these impressive timepieces are also exceptional value for money. Ranging from between £775 to £1,150 in the case of the forthcoming SEVENFRIDAY M2 watch, and also being covered by our usual flexible options for 0% finance, these superb watches really are well worth a closer look. The M2 timepieces are the very latest in the SEVENFRIDAY range, only being released this month, and we’ll bring you more details about these new wristwatches in the coming days, as well as more information about the established collection too. If you have any further questions, please be sure to contact our professional and friendly team by calling 01524 38 48 58 or emailing [email protected].


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