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October 5th, 2022

Our Top Picks for October

Here at Banks Lyon, we’re fortunate enough to get our hands on an evergrowing collection of some of the most luxurious and sought-after watches available on the market. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with our seemingly endless stock, as each piece is unique and special and offers so much for buyers. 

However, it’s clear when we have our favourites, and when we find one or two pieces that stand out from the crowd, we like to celebrate them. So, today we’re spotlighting two of our top picks from October. The watches have been manufactured by Bremont and Longines, so we will also be looking into what makes these two watchmakers so unique and how they continue to make timepieces that prove to be fan favourites time and time again. 

In the Spotlight: Bremont 

The first piece we’re looking at is from our range of Bremont watches for sale. Founded in just 2002, this brand, although relatively new to the watchmaking scene, has significantly impacted the world of watches. Bremont’s history, although short, has helped shape the industry, and we couldn’t be happier to share a piece from their collection as part of our top picks. 

Bremont S300 Vigo Bracelet Watch 

Bremont S300 Vigo Bracelet Watch The Bremont S300 Vigo Bracelet Watch is a beautiful piece from the Supermarine Collection that was created in conjunction with the S300 Kaimu, both drawing inspiration from the colour palette of coastlines visited by the designers. The S300 Vigo was inspired by a coastline in North Western Spain with beautiful white sands, stunning clear waters, and a sprinkling of hidden beaches and coves. The co-founders of Bremont visited the beach as children, and the mental image stayed in their memories until they came to design the outstanding Vigo bracelet watch you can purchase today here at Banks Lyon. 

Aesthetics Vs Function 

Of course, this is a beautiful watch, and the aesthetics of the timepiece speak for themselves. The white dial is complimented beautifully by the gold numerals and detailing, and havingBack of the Bremont S300 Vigo Bracelet Watch everything encased in stainless steel is the most perfect finishing touch. 

However, let’s not forget about the impressive functionality a Bremont watch can offer. This piece, in particular, has a water resistance of up to 300m and a C.O.S.C. Chronometer, self-winding automatic movement, making it a fantastic choice for diving or other water sports. And because of its stunning design, you can go from the sea to a 5-star restaurant in a matter of minutes and still not look out of place. 

Who Would a Bremont S300 Vigo Bracelet Watch Be Perfect For? 

This piece is labelled a ladies’ watch, so it would be the perfect gift for any special woman in your life. It is delicate and pretty but has fantastic Bremont functionality, making it ideal for those interested in the world of watchmaking. What’s more is that we offer this watch as part of our interest-free payment plans, making getting your hands on this spotlighted piece even cheaper. 

Purchase the Bremont S300 Vigo Bracelet Watch for £3795 or just £31.62 per month on 0% finance here at Banks Lyon. 

In the Spotlight: Longines 

The second piece of our top picks for October is one of our Longines watches. Established in 1832, this brand is a long-standing favourite worldwide and a name we’re proud to stock here at Banks Lyon. The Swiss watch manufacturers have a number of impressive collections, each with its own unique style. There’s something for everyone within Longines, and the piece we’ve handpicked for our favourites this month is guaranteed to make the ideal gift. 

Longines Ultra-Chron Box Edition Watch 

Longines Ultra-Chron Box Edition Watch Introducing the Longines Ultra-Chron Box Edition Watch, the perfect gift or a fantastic addition to your own watch collection. The timepiece has a fascinating history and was inspired by the 1968 Longines Ultra-Chron Diver, a watch that helped pioneer sport timing. Now, not only has the Ultra-Chron been given an aesthetics makeover, but it has improved massively in terms of functionality, with a new high-frequency calibre and upgraded quartz movement. 

This outstanding timepiece would be ideally suited to a wide range of people, both traditional watch enthusiasts and those who prefer the contemporary side of watchmaking due to its rich history yet modern functionality. 

Details, Details, Details 

As this is the box edition, when you purchase this piece from Banks Lyon, you’ll get the luxury of a special presentation box with additional fabric strap and watch tool included. ThisLongines Ultra-Chron Box Edition Watch in its stunning case makes for the most stunning gift for a loved one or a great addition to your own watch collection. 

The details in this timepiece and its accompanying pieces are outstanding, from the wooden box to the leather closing strap to the additional fabric watch strap. Experience the luxury of swapping your watch strap depending on what you’re doing and how you’re dressed, and choose the box edition of the Ultra-Chron for £3130 or just £26.08 per month on 0% finance. 

We’re thrilled to offer such an extensive range of watches here at Banks Lyon, so if our top picks for October weren’t for you, feel free to explore our range of luxury watches on finance either online or in our Lancaster or Kendal showrooms. 

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