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January 15th, 2024

Watches to Look Out for in 2024

The past year, 2023, hailed a dynamic era for watches, balancing innovation and nostalgia. Brands created partnerships and celebrated their heritage, echoing their roots in designs and bringing fresh ideas to the world.

2024 promises to be another exciting year for the timepiece industry, so stay with us to discover what this year holds, with emphasis on expected advances from brands, design evolutions, and the permanent spot that smartwatches have secured in the market.

A Brief Summary of Watches in 2023bremont watch

2023 was an exciting and progressive year for the world of watches. For example, over the last 12 months, watch fashion leaned towards both innovation and nostalgia. Pieces like the Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT 40mm Watch (pictured right), the second generation of its kind, highlighted the charm of its predecessor while introducing fresh enhancements like new colourways and a new 24-hour bezel. We’re proud to offer this watch here at Banks Lyon for £3,650.00 or just £30.41 per month on 0% finance.

omega deep sea special edition box

Alongside this, brands were involved with some exciting collaborations, which resulted in impressive timepieces, such as the OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black ETNZ Edition (pictured left). This piece is available from Banks Lyon for £12,600 or just £105 per month for 0% finance.

Other brands, such as TAG Heuer, on the other hand, paid homage to their roots. Their sailing heritage was at the forefront of their designs in 2023, with models like the Carrera Skipper Chronograph Heuer 02 taking centre stage. The impressive timepiece (pictured below, left) is available from Banks Lyon for £5,900 or just £49.16 per month for 0% finance.carrera watch

Which Brands Are We Expecting Big Things From in 2024?

Many major brands are expected to bring big things to the market this year, most of which will be announced during events such as Watches and Wonders 2024. Watches and Wonders is a prestigious international event held annually and is considered a cornerstone in the world of luxury watchmaking. The event attracts leading watch brands that showcase new designs and advancements to audiences that can reach millions globally.

Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024 promises to be unique, with 55 Maisons exhibiting their creations in a redesigned space. So, keep your eyes peeled for new models, product ranges, and collaborations from all your favourite watch brands.

For example, 2024 marks 55 years since people first walked on the moon, and this anniversary has sparked rumours that OMEGA may release a special edition of the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch. Also, as the Olympics’ official timekeeper, we should expect some special editions from OMEGA to commemorate the Summer Olympics taking place in France this year.

tag heuer watches and wonders

Watch Design Trends for 2024

As we anticipate the timepieces that 2024 will bring us, nothing is set in stone yet, and nobody, apart from the watchmakers themselves, knows what to expect for this year. But what we do have a strong idea about is the design trends that will take over the market in the next 12 months.

Four pivotal trends are rumoured to define 2024: Colourful Dials, Collaborative Designs, Minimalism, and Sustainability. Each drives distinctive aesthetics, symbolises unique philosophies and communicates distinct values. So, here, we will take a deep dive into each design trend.

Colourful Dials

Colourful dials add a vibrant, creative twist to traditional watch design. Embracing a spectrum beyond the typical white, black, or metallic hues infuses charm and character. From sunburst yellow to deep-sea blue, bright dials offer visual pleasure and strengthen brand identity. Increasing numbers of watch enthusiasts appreciate these colourful statements, especially after the release of OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades in 2023, pushing other manufacturers towards bolder design choices this year. Expect vibrant dial watches to bring fresh life into the watch market in 2024!

aqua terra shades

Collaborative Designs

As mentioned, we expect that 2024 will elevate collaborative designs in watchmaking to new heights. Prestigious horological brands partnering with renowned artists, fashion houses, or personalities open unexplored stylistic chapters, and these collaborations harness the power of different aesthetic perspectives, producing unique, sought-after timepieces. This trend reflects a larger cultural shift towards co-creation and cross-industry artistry. Many watch enthusiasts gravitate towards these niche designs, so with a strong consumer response, collaborative designs are set to thrive in the watch industry this year.


Despite the pops of colour and exciting collaborations, 2024 also ushers in a resurgence of minimalism in watch aesthetics. Think streamlined faces, pared-down elements, and a ‘less is more’ ethos, which counterbalances the industry’s elaborate designs. Also, needle-thin hands and simplistic indices convey sophistication, which pique the interest of contemporary consumers leaning towards understated luxury.

At Banks Lyon, we offer an extensive range of minimalist watches for those wanting to get ahead of the trends and adorn a timepiece that fits this subtle aesthetic.


Sustainability takes centre stage in 2024 watch design trends. A rising awareness of environmental issues and ethical sourcing drives change in this luxury industry, as many brands are leading the way in sustainable watchmaking.

For example, brands are expected to adopt recycled materials for their creations, from cases to straps. Also, sustainable manufacturing processes that reduce environmental impact are prioritised. For those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and choose brands prioritising this sustainable initiative, look out for certifications, such as the Responsible Jewellery Council’s certification, which guarantees consumers that their stylish timepiece is responsibly sourced and produced.

Smartwatches: A Fad or Here to Stay?

It is often difficult to know whether a watch trend is a fleeting fad or if it is here to stay, and this was the concern many people had with smartwatches. However, they have proved themselves as solid members of the watch world, with new additions being added to the ever-growing available stocklist every year. This year, we expect them to get bigger and better and could be an excellent option for those wanting to start their fitness journey in 2024 and stay motivated.

For example, Garmin exemplifies this staying power through its diverse, functional devices. As tech-savvy consumers increasingly embrace wearables, Garmin smartwatches deliver effortless connectivity, tailored fitness monitoring, and versatile lifestyle features. The brand’s continuous innovation and adaptation to consumer trends ensure its offerings remain fresh and relevant. These factors testify to the enduring nature of smartwatches, solidifying their position in the market and consolidating their status as more than just a passing trend.

garmin smart watch

Stay Ahead of Trends With Banks Lyon

If you have your eye on any of the big brands rumoured to release new and exciting models this year, or you cannot wait for their announcements and want to purchase a timepiece early this year, Banks Lyon is here to help.

As well as the wide range of timepieces available on our website and in our stores, we will be providing information about new releases on our blog so you can stay ahead of trends and be the first to pick up the latest watches.

Whether you are looking for a specific timepiece or want to stay updated with what’s new in the world of watches, you can get in touch using our handy Live Chat at the bottom right of our website, or via WhatsApp on 07751 807 041 to get help fast from our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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