March 15th, 2015

Celebrating March with the Aquamarine


With all of the gift-giving surrounding Mother’s Day, did you think that we’d forgotten our ongoing series on the birthstones? Although a little later in the month than usual, we’re definitely carrying on as normal, and that means that it’s time to look at the birthstone of March. This, of course, leads us to spend some time looking at our collection of aquamarine jewellery. So, without further ado…

It’s undoubtedly true that the sapphire is the most famous of the blue gemstones, but there’s a lot to love in a beautiful aquamarine, a member of the diverse beryl family. The larger the stone, the more intense the hue, but most gems in this variety reside in the spectrum between blue and green. Perhaps the most admired aquamarines of all are those that conform to a sky blue colour, which is an odd coincidence, given the obvious link between the gem’s name and the sea. The actual term ‘aquamarine’ also derives from twin Roman words relating to the sea, and the stone itself was thought to be sacred to the Roman deity, Poseidon. Interestingly, aquamarines were once thought to protect sailors on voyage, and also bring about a calming, even healing effect to the lucky wearer.

18 Carat White Gold 2.24 Carat Aquamarine Ring

If ever a piece of jewellery exemplified the charm of the aquamarine, this spectacle in flawless white gold and diamond must be it. The central 2.24ct aquamarine lies resplendent is a four claw setting and is flanked by a shimmering swathe of the aforementioned diamonds on either side, and you’ll not find too many more distinctive dress rings than this. Retailing at £3,750, this 18 Carat White Gold 2.24ct Aquamarine Ring can be yours for 36 monthly payments of £83.33 along with a 20% deposit.

Fope Flex’It Solo Aquamarine and Diamond Bracelet

Fope creations already have their own inimitable style, and the pale blue cushion-cut aquamarine at the centre of this bracelet only makes it even more memorable. Once again, a gorgeous corona of diamonds is on hand to frame the stone, although the gold has a rose colouration to provide a warm aesthetic, as opposed to the icy charm of the previous ring. Available at Banks Lyon for £3,765, this Fope Flex’It Solo Aquamarine and Diamond Bracelet is also obtainable on finance for 36 monthly payments of £83.67 and a 20% deposit. A highly distinctive piece, and one you shouldn’t miss.

Georg Jensen Sphere Aquamarine Bangle

Renowned as a quintessential example of the art of the silversmith, Georg Jensen jewellery provides a stunning setting for aquamarine stones, as the clear splendour of the gems goes just perfectly with the sweeping, polished expanses of silver. This Georg Jensen Sphere Aquamarine Bangle has such stones set at regular intervals around the matte finished bangle, and is an absolute steal at £195.

Georg Jensen Sphere Aquamarine Bracelet

Set against the previous Georg Jensen piece, this bracelet looks a little more minimalist, as only one aquamarine is evident, yet the intricate links of this painstakingly fashioned jewellery item more than make up for it. Aquamarine is said to ensure happiness and love, and if that’s true, we’d say the £420 price tag of this Georg Jensen Sphere Aquamarine Bracelet is even better value than it seems.

Georg Jensen Sphere Aquamarine Earrings

We conclude with a pair of Georg Jensen earrings, and the two sphere-shaped aquamarines at the extremities of these silver links really do have to be seen up close to be properly appreciated; they’re absolutely superb, and utterly without blemish. These Georg Jensen Sphere Aquamarine Earrings cost just £195, and are sleek and stylish enough to always steal the spotlight, whatever the occasion.
We always enjoy taking a look at the month’s gemstone, and don’t forget that next month’s study should be especially broad, as it covers the diamond, undisputedly the king of all gemstones. We don’t think that a single post can quite do that justice, so watch this space! In the meantime, do remember that you can check out all of the ranges like aquamarine gemstone rings, Fope jewellery and Georg Jensen jewellery on our website; everything is only a click away, so take your time and enjoy our vast collection of luxury jewellery. Contact us today on 01524 38 48 58 to find out more.


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