Tissot Baselworld Releases: an Overview

Tissot News and Releases

Tissot always bring a plethora of creative designs to the fore in time for Baselworld, and although this prestigious Swiss watch and jewellery fair is now almost a month in the past, we’re still finding ourselves with plenty of topics to cover! We’ve yet to speak about Tissot in our Baselworld overview series, so there’s no time like the present. They rather bombarded their substantial community of enthusiasts this year, so here’s a very swift run through some of their standout novelties…

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles

Back in 1907, Tissot manufacture was established in Chemin de Tourelles – a street in Le Locle, Switzerland – and to this day the company can still be found here. This exclusive piece remembers that date in a very special way, although it’s anything but dated, as it looks just as suited to today’s contemporary world. It combines polished and brushed finishes, so it’s a highly memorable watch.


Tissot PRS 516

Another nod to the past, a former Tissot watch once paid homage to legendary racing cars by incorporating holes into the fabric of the strap. These details mirrored the spaces in the steering wheel of the car in question, and they’ve now returned in a brand new watch. This time, an echo of engine pistons is also present in the shape of the pushers, so this is a genuine vintage re-imagining.


Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

In modern day times, things like solar power are thought of in very high terms, and Tissot has been one of the leaders in solar-powered horology for a good long while. Even so, Baselworld brought a newcomer to their established portfolio, and it features a variety of practical augmentations like an extended bracelet to wear over climbing gear, a perpetual calendar, a weather forecast function and an altimeter. Clearly, mere solar power isn’t enough, as Tissot have really gone to town on this model!


Tissot Bridgeport Mechanical Skeleton

Although Tissot are perhaps primarily renowned for their sports-themed wristwatches, they also have a strong respect for the heritage of their craft, and we always love their pocket watches. This particular timepiece is the first Tissot product of its type to feature a foray into the world of the skeleton movement, so it goes to show that tradition and innovation don’t have to be divorced.


The Tissot Vintage Collection

Baselworld is the most obvious place to release a triumphant new collection in its entirety, and that’s just what the Tissot Vintage range is. As you’ll guess from the name, the family is very classical in its approach, including many antique detailing, and it will contain timepieces that are suited to both male and female watch-lovers. We expect it’ll be popular, and will certainly keep an eye on it.


As we said, Tissot delivered an impressive selection of new releases at Baselworld and we simply can’t cover them all. It goes without saying that we can’t discuss all of their existing watches either, so why not take a moment to browse through the many collections on our Tissot watches page? You’ll find a huge number of products that have inspired this year’s Baselworld unveilings, and they’re no less desirable for being a little older. All are accessible at Tissot’s signature low prices too, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today by calling 01524 38 48 58 to find out more.