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Bremont Boeing Model 1 Black Dial Watch
£56.93 per month on 0% finance
Bremont Boeing Model 1 White Dial Watch
£56.93 per month on 0% finance
Bremont Boeing Model 1 Ti-GMT Watch
Bremont Boeing Model 247 White Dial Watch
£70.43 per month on 0% finance
Bremont Boeing Model 247 Black Dial Watch
£70.43 per month on 0% finance
Bremont Boeing Model 247 Ti-GMT Chronograph Watch
£77.93 per month on 0% finance

Bremont Boeing Watches from Banks Lyon

The collection of Bremont Boeing watches encompasses the development of innovation that has been seen since their humble beginnings. 2002 marked the beginning of a journey of two dedicated brothers that would showcase a journey of British engineering, creating watches that celebrated their interests and success, such as the Bremont Jaguar collection. This also extends to creating pilot’s watches that are both beautifully crafted and of an exceptional quality. True to their heritage, rooted in a love of flying historic aircraft, this family business is inspired by aviation and built upon their inherent values to keep an honest, genuine and reliable brand that offers equally as dependable timepieces.

Forming a collaboration with the aerospace giant, Boeing, Bremont was able to successfully celebrate flying machines whilst employing the innovation required to create accuracy, precision and the ability to withstand any pressure an aviator’s timepiece may endure. As it continues to do this with the introduction of cutting edge, modern materials, each watch acts as a classic tribute to an earlier era in Boeing’s rich history.

Advanced Aviation Bremont Boeing Watches

Working closely with the AMRC, expertise in industry-leading materials and manufacturing processes has enabled the collection of Bremont Boeing watches to prove their suitability for the aviation industry, whilst being aesthetically pleasing enough to be worn for everyday occasions. The continuous development of such has prompted the use of materials that are, in some cases, new to manufacturing, whilst still ensuring their core principles of longevity and robustness were innate to their aviation DNA.

Models such as the 247 TI-GMT chronograph feature an organic polymer bracelet and a construction that comprises aviation grade metals, including titanium. Custom 465 stainless steel is a tough, double vacuum-melted and age-hardened alloy that was developed for the aerospace industry. This is paired with a domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal cover for the dial and exhibition case back, so you can witness the clear view of the automatic chronometer movement, shatter and scratch free.

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